Landscaping Your Garden: How You Can Make Your Home Exterior Shine 

Landscaping Your Garden: How You Can Make Your Home Exterior Shine 

Landscaping your garden can be an excellent way to improve your enjoyment of your home and add value to a property if you’re planning to sell it in the future. It is important to put thought and care into the look and style of your home’s garden and find ways to ensure that the space is enjoyable for the whole family.

The style you choose for your garden will depend on your and your family’s needs. For instance, the garden you create with young children will likely look very different from the one you landscape if your kids are grown up and off to university. 

Optimise The Layout For Sunlight

Optimising your garden to make the most of the sunlight you get can be invaluable. You should look at the sun’s position and where your garden gets the best light throughout the year. You can then add decking or a patio in the space that gets the most sun so that you and your family can enjoy some rays in the warmer months. You should also ensure that you plant any flowers in spaces with plenty of sunlight. 

Remove Waste Responsibly

You’ll need a suitable way to dispose of the waste you gather when landscaping your garden. The type of changes you’re making will determine the best way to store and remove waste. If you are only making minor changes, you will usually be able to fit the rubbish into your local council issued garden waste bin, or you could take it to the local waste and recycling centre.  If you are doing more significant work, you may need to look for a place that offers skip hire.

Plant Seasonal Flowers

The flower you have in your garden can make all the difference to your enjoyment of the space. It is a good idea to plant flowers that will bloom at different points throughout the year, so you always have an attractive splash of colour to enjoy. It is best to choose plants native to the UK, and that will thrive in the type of weather and soil most common in your location. 

Work Section By Section

Sectioning off your garden can be a great way to make the project more manageable. You could start with a section for socialising and sitting in the garden, like a patio or deck. Including some cover can be a great way to ensure you can enjoy your garden regardless of the unpredictable British weather. 

Making a plan for your garden can be the perfect way to break the work into manageable chunks. This could be a family project, with each member deciding what they want from the garden and coming up with ways to make the different sections cohesive and attractive.

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