Battle of the ‘Hoovers’…

Battle of the ‘Hoovers’…

H-Free 500 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Twin Battery Pets VS Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner, Green, Pets & Long Reach

Review by Rachel Ducker

As a mum of two boys under two and with a home to a small dog and two cats, hoovering seems to be one of my most common activities around the house, so investing in a good hoover is essential when it comes to making my life a lot easier.

I tried and tested both these models – and although I enjoyed using both – they both have pros and cons.

H-Free 500 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

H-FREE 500 adapts effortlessly to clean your home from top to bottom, with 3 different ways to use: on floors, as a handheld, or high reach. 

For tough cleaning tasks, press the TURBO button for up to eight minutes of extra powerful suction. The H-Lab brushless motor gives consistent power output with outstanding suction, enabling incredible pick up on fine dust and larger debris.

The H-Lab Flat&Drive floorhead steers smoothly around and under furniture. Switch between 90º and 180º cleaning angles with a flick of the wrist, so you can clean around objects, into corners, reaching narrow spaces with ease.

This model includes a Pets Turbo Brush, a powered pets brush which features motorised rotating bristles to lift cat or dog hairs and allergens from soft furnishings and carpeted stairs.

Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner

The Upright 300 is lightweight, weighing less than 5kg in use making it easy to lift and manouevre around your home.

The foot of the Upright 300 has been engineered with a flexible joint to make it ultra-manoeuvrable. Thanks to it’s 80° steering angle, the swivelling floor nozzle glides around your home and furniture with ease. Switch the brush bar on when on carpets, and slide the vent cover to vary the suction if required. Turn the brush bar off when moving on to clean hard floors or longer pile rugs.

Sustained air performance using multi-cyclonic technology for improved dust separation, pushing dust away from the filter and helping the filters stay cleaner for longer.

Extra Tools features a 8.1m cord, 2m stretch hose, plus an additional 2.5m stretch hose & long crevice tool for up to 12.5m reach with accessories for easy cleaning around your home & ideal for stair cleaning. It also comes with a pets motorised mini turbo brush to help remove stubborn pet hair.

My verdict

I love how light the H-free 500 model is, in a house with many rooms it makes hoovering light work, especially when going up the stairs. Its cordless function is also a plus and it comes with two batteries (so unless your are very forgetful, you should never be without charge)! Although the cable is long on the upright 300 – it still doesn’t reach the length of my downstairs – so I still have to switch plugs!

Its small floorhead makes getting under sofas and hard to reach areas easy, something the Upright 300 just cannot do. But the upright can reach the higher areas that the H-free 500 can’t as easily.

I love how many different heads it comes with, again more than the upright 300, however on the upright you can keep all of the parts on the hoover (which means you don’t lose any)!

When it comes to carpets, the upright 300 wins hands down – pet hair is no problem! I found the H-free 500 churns the carpet rather than collects the dirt, however it does get closer to the kitchen cupboards due to its cleaning angles.

Overall it is a tough one… both have strengths in different ways!

If I had the best of both worlds, for a deeper clean I would pick the upright 300, but for day to day hoovering the H-free wins hands down due to its light weight body and array of marvellous tools.

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