Who’d have thought that talking about unsexy household essentials such as sponges and bin liners could be so much fun! Well now there’s every reason to get excited with the fantastic, and long awaited, launch of Seep – a range of biodegradable household essentials that are gentle on the planet, pleasing on the eye (so much so, you’ll want to show them off) and where quality is not compromised – they actually work!

The new Seep range consists of plastic free and compostable sponges and bin liners, that look good and can be machine washed for longevity. Because they don’t contain plastic, they won’t release microplastics when washed.

Carrying out everyday chores in the home is a tiresome and sometimes gruesome task. Whilst many of us have switched our cleaning chemical to be more in line with the environment, the tools that we clean with, or use, remain laden with plastic – mainly due to the fact that there’s no other options available. But now, with Seep, there’s no excuse! After all, small, greener choices can add up to a bigger change.

Seep Recycable Copper Scourers – RRP £6.50 for pack of 3

Brand new for September and designed to bust away those dirty dishes without harming both your crockery and the planet, the Seep Recycable Couper Scourer is not only 100% recyclable, but naturally antibacterial and non-rust. This means the product will last for longer whilst performing with top quality, as with all Seep products. Made from 100% copper, this scourer is made to last and, by popping it with your recycling, it can be repurposed when you’re finished with it… who knows what it’ll be made into next!

Seep Sponge with Loofah Scourer – RRP £9.50 for pack of 4

With over 80% of common sponges being made from virgin plastic, which can’t be recycled and with estimates that a massive 600 million sponges are thrown out every year in the UK, it was a no brainer for Seep to offer an alternative.

The Seep sponge is quite frankly, the best-looking sponge on the market! Made with entirely renewable materials like wood pulp and natural loofah fibres it is highly absorbent, long-lasting and durable. They also require less soap due to the natural fibres of the loofah and create more suds than other plastic based options. Being 100% compostable, when it has reached its lifecycle (typically one month), the entire sponge can be placed in a kitchen composter or garden compost bin where it will naturally start to break down.

Seep All-Purpose Dogbone Sponge – RRP £6.50 for pack of 2

For the bigger washing tasks, the Seep All-Purpose Dogbone Sponge is your new best friend. Made from cellulose wood pulp, it’s larger size and seriously soft and absorbing 100% renewable material is ideal for most washing tasks, especially those of heavier duty both in and out of the house. Just like the Seep Sponge with Loofah Scourer, this sponge can be placed in a garden compost bin where it will naturally start to break down.

Seep Compostable Bin Liners 50L – RRP £12.00 for 25 bags per roll/ 30L – RRP £8.00 for 25 bags per roll / 10L – RRP £4.00 for 25 bags per roll

The Seep bin liners are the brands latest addition to the range. Coming in a handy 50L, 30L or 10L roll, the compostable, biodegradable liners are a high quality, gentle on the planet option. The bases of the liners have also been reinforced to prevent annoying leaks.

What’s also awesome about our bin liners is that they are made from one of the best bio polymers on the market – taking less than 8 weeks to break down in a composting facility. If they are used for normal household waste and disposed of in landfill or an incinerator, they are still better than their traditional plastic counterparts since they don’t release microplastics or toxins.

There are also bin liner bundles to choose from

Small Compostable Bin Liners 10L – RPP £17.50 for 5 x rolls / 25 bags (125 bags in total)

Medium Compostable Bin Liners 30L – RRP £25.00 for 3 x rolls / 25 bags (75 bags in total)

Seep Plastic-Free Bamboo Brush (RRP: £8.00)

Clean up the Planet as you clean up the dishes.

This new FSC certified bamboo brush is 100% plastic free and with strong sisal bristles can tackle even the toughest and most stubborn dirty pots and pans. Unlike its plastic counterparts this bamboo brush will naturally biodegrade, so you can help clean up the planet and still clean up the dishes.

As with all Seep products both it and its packaging are fully recyclable and made from sustainably managed (FSC) sources.

Seep Fair Trade FSC- Certified Rubber Gloves (£4.00)

There’s a new rubber glove in town!

Made from 100% natural latex and fair-trade rubber, these turquoise washing up gloves are as easy on the eye as they are on the planet. The award-winning start up bringing pioneering products to a dusty cleaning category, continue to rethink traditional materials and innovate. This time its replacing traditional plastic washing up gloves with natural rubber to make a fully virgin plastic free and compostable product.

Not only are these gloves infinitely more stylish than their yellow counterparts, they are also 100% compostable, cruelty free and climate positive. 

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