New Book Launch: The Rude Chronicles, The Rude Beginning

New Book Launch: The Rude Chronicles, The Rude Beginning

The first book in The Rude ChroniclesThe Rude Beginning is a gripping and rousing tale of passion and power, lust and lessons learned, conquests and catastrophe in the privileged life of British heir, Edward Charles Featherstone.

To obviate the need for clearances and permissions, Edward Charles Featherstone is the pseudonym for an internationally successful entrepreneur who has scaled the highest of heights and triumphed despite the lowest lows.

Set in England during the 1980s, The Rude Beginning enthrals with its coming-of-age tale. Sent away to boarding school at just six, Featherstone develops a unique way to overcome his crippling dyslexia and cultivates nerves of steel.

Born of privilege, he is able to indulge his passions for flying, shooting, and polo on the family’s grand estate in the English countryside. He excels in a life lived on the edge, packed with extreme adventures, extreme challenges, and extreme eroticism.

But the higher the rise, the further the fall…

This comprehensive and honest memoir, powerfully written in explicit detail from a man’s perspective, introduces a thrilling new voice in literature.

Perfect for fans of EL James, Jilly Cooper, and Dan Brown, as well as anyone who enjoys true stories, this creative nonfiction memoir lifts the curtain on Featherstone’s gripping experiences on the polo field, in the skies above the Middle East, and in the bedroom.

Full of shocking truths never before shared with the public, this unique, compelling story based on his life will move and inspire you like few others.

Digital and print versions of the book include a Click or Scan feature that allows readers to listen to songs accompanying key scenes to really bring the story to life in an inimitable way.

Furthermore, a percentage of profits from all sales will go directly to the Hero to Zero (H₂Z) Foundation, which aims to help those who suffer permanent debilitating consequences of a Spinal Cord Injury or severe Neural Condition.

The Rude Beginning is available from Amazon or with an RRP £27.99 for hardback, £6.99 for e-book

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