<strong>8 Romantic Flowers To Melt Your Wife Heart On First</strong>

8 Romantic Flowers To Melt Your Wife Heart On First

Flowers are a popular and classic gift for women. And nowadays, no matter the occasion, you can surprise your wife, girlfriend, mother, or coworker with a beautiful bouquet by ordering same or next-day flower delivery. The choice of available flowers is vast and sometimes it is difficult to pick something specific. And this is why we have created a list of flowers that will melt your wife’s heart at the first glance.

Red Roses

The red rose stands for love and passion. Pink roses are symbolic of youth and beauty – it also communicates tender feelings. The white rose stands for innocence and also for fidelity, therefore, it is often found in the bridal bouquet at weddings. If you gift yellow roses, then you should be careful – yellow roses in an existing relationship could make trouble because they symbolize jealousy and infidelity (or so the tradition dictates). But when you give them to friends or family members, they represent fun, friendship, and gratitude.


The sunflower will bring smiles to your wife’s face all day long. And this is also reflected in its meaning, it stands for cheerfulness, fun, and warmth. At the end of the 60s, it became the symbol of freedom and openness for the hippie movement. And that’s exactly why you can give it to any loved one to say “I like you!”.


It is a very simple flower, but many remember daisies from their childhood. Accordingly, it also embodies naturalness and genuine happiness. It is always a wonderfully simple and yet very friendly gift because it too – like the sunflower – always seems to laugh. It is not the best flower to gift your wife, as traditionally its meaning in relationships is questioning the current feelings of the other person, but if your wife likes daisies there is nothing wrong with buying them as a gift.


The white lily should be given much consideration. It embodies a very strong symbolism. It stands for light and enlightenment and thus should be gifted to the only true love! It is a symbol of purity, innocence, and virginity. All in all, a perfect gift for a special occasion.


It is the highlight of the beginning of summer. Hardly any flower can embody such strength and abundance. According to flower language, it stands for the good feeling of security. The red peony, along with the red rose, is the typical – but very temporary – symbol of love and romance.


Daffodils are incredibly popular, especially at Easter time, and fill many gardens and pots with color and freshness. Daffodils are early bloomers and stand for fertility, freshness, and blooming life. Whoever gives a daffodil as a gift, thus sends positive emotions and wants to give the recipient great pleasure. You can give a daffodil as a plant to anyone without worrying about signaling a negative or wrong message. Therefore, it fits perfectly into any bouquet of flowers.


It is one of the most popular flowers in the world – especially at the beginning of spring. It stands for strong emotions, love, and affection (the darker the flower – the stronger the feeling). Yellow stands for sunshine, pink for tender love, and orange for fascination.


The popular name for gardenia is “jasmine rose”, and this is a very appropriate name, both its appearance and the size of the flower resemble a cross between a rose and jasmine. Its white flowers also have an intensely floral scent.

In some Polynesian islands, the gardenia clarifies the relationship status of a person. A flower worn behind the right ear means that the person is single. However, once the flower is behind the left ear, it is a sign that the person is taken.

Giving flowers is one of the most beautiful gift ideas. You can express your feelings with a bouquet of flowers by paying attention to the symbolic meanings of each part and thus construct a perfect gift that will say everything you want without words. 

Sending flowers is always an expression that you think of a loved one on a particular occasion. If you choose their favorite color or favorite flower, you can show how well you know the recipient. Whether you want to give a single flower or a giant bouquet, the recipient will always be very happy. Because giving flowers is a loving gesture to show that this person is important to you and you want to make them a little happier.


Which Flower is Best for Wife?

Red roses are the most romantic flowers. Nothing can surpass their charm and whether it’s a single stem or a bouquet, a red rose for a woman is just a perfect gift. Of course, not all women might like the red rose, so the best flower might be something completely different but the rose is the safest option.

Which Flower is Best for Love?

The flower of love is considered to be the red rose. But also lilies, columbine, violets, carnations, and primroses in different colors can be sent as a message of love.

What Kind of Flowers Should I Get My Wife for Her Birthday?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bouquet of roses. A small gerbera in your wife’s favorite color will do just as well. On the one hand, it means that you think of your wife and on the other hand, you have also remembered her favorite color. She will be happy about that for sure!

What Flower Symbolizes Pure Love?

Lilies sometimes represent vanity, but above all, the lily is a symbol of light, purity, and innocence. White lilies have always embodied purity of heart and pure love. So in terms of meaning, only the lily is better than the rose.

What Flower Symbolizes Marriage?

The type of lily flower, called Calla lily, is long been a symbol of marriage and has a meaning of innocence and purity, just like the white lily.

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