Batch & Thyme

Batch & Thyme

Obsessed with flavour. Meticulous about sourcing the best ingredients. Serious about reducing food waste and minimising packaging. Fran and Helly Robinson are two sisters who’ve worked with food their whole life, starting in their family’s catering business. With a talented chef as a mother, the sisters learnt from an early age the importance of both good ingredients and seasonality in cooking, as well as a fierce work ethic.

Offering home-cooked frozen meal subscriptions, delivering nationwide, which are designed to save people time in the kitchen they have launched Batch & Thyme.

The girls cook their meals in Mission Kitchen at the heart of New Covent Garden market. Connected to the very best British food suppliers, Batch & Thyme only use the freshest veg & herbs, and highest quality meat in the UK.  Developing new, delicious meals is in the sisters’ DNA, so expect exciting seasonal menus that reflect all tastes and cuisines.   

The benefits to ordering with Batch & Thyme…

Nutritionally balanced. No one should have to compromise on quality even if time is short.  We use the finest ingredients, with no added preservatives & flash freeze them at their best to make delicious meals ready in minutes.

Reducing waste. Freezing food extends the shelf life, this means you can keep your kitchen stocked with delicious food without worrying that it will go off and be wasted. 

Sustainability matters. We’re committed to sustainable choices, from cutting food waste, minimising packaging and have partnered with zero carbon emissions deliveries.

But it’s frozen?

We all have busy lives and plans can change constantly, as a result meal prepping can be tricky.  Choosing frozen food gives you the flexibility over your meal planning.  All the homecooked meals can be stored in the freezer until you’re ready, whether it be a weekend treat or a quick working lunch.

It is also a timesaver from, planning, food shopping, meal prepping, and most importantly kitchen clean-up.  All-in-all, minimal effort is required – winner.

Plus, freezing food extends the shelf life, this means you can keep your kitchen stocked with food without worrying that it will go off and be wasted.  Filling your freezer with delicious, wholesome ready-made meals helps to cut any unnecessary waste.

How to order…

Step 1: Build your box

Choose how many delicious chef-prepared meals you want to be delivered to your home per month, 6 or 8 and how many people you will be feeding, one or two.

Step 2: Choose your menu

We have an ever-expanding menu, choose from our current 16 dishes which cater for all different dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free & dairy-free.  We like to cook with ingredients at their best so expect to see some changes with the seasons!

Step 3: Flexibility

All our plans are completely flexible, you can change, pause, or cancel your subscription box anytime.  Going on holiday, that’s ok you can skip a month.

Go on try it

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Cooked in small batches by two sisters with a passion for good food, Batch & Thyme offers seasonal meals bursting with flavour.

Pick your meal plan and start filling your freezer with nutritionally balanced chef-prepared frozen meals today!

For more information see their website at or follow on instagram @batchandthyme.

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