Choosing the best autumn/winter footwear for you

Choosing the best autumn/winter footwear for you

When you’re looking for winter footwear, you want a pair that will get the job done, whilst also being comfortable. But do you have to put function over fashion? Follow Vionic’s hints and tips to make sure your footwear serves you well over the cold months and looks utterly fabulous.

1. Stay dry

It’s all about quality when it comes to AW footwear materials. Consider getting shoes or boots with a water-resistant or waterproof upper, so that you will stay dry, whatever the weather. Boots made from leather and nylon can be both of the above, so shop around to find what you want. 

Vionic has a range of weather-resistant and water repellent footwear, which includes both boots and trainers, including the following styles: SibleyRhiannonEvergreenHazalBrightonRegan (pictured above); EstiloInessa and Zanny.

2. Get a grip

While many winter boots have rubber soles, it’s worth checking that your seasonal footwear has good traction on the sole too, so you reduce the risk of slipping. 

Ankle boots like the Brighton (main picture) or Estilo (above) have lightweight EVA soles with chunky lugs, making them fashionable but with traction too, so you are less likely to slip and hurt yourself

3. Make sure they fit

If you’re buying your winter shoes when it’s not yet that cold, you might still be sockless. If you are trying shoes on, make sure you’re wearing socks and try to make them a thicker pair, so you can make sure the boots will be suitable when the weather gets colder and you want to layer up.

If you’re shopping online, take this into consideration and research what size will be right for you. If in doubt, Vionic has an FAQ section and, if you can’t find the information you need, you can always get in touch to ask your question and let our experienced team help you.

Vionic has two AW23 styles which can double as sliders or slippers, with lightweight, tough, grippy soles, so you can wear them inside or out, and are super comfy with chunky socks. See the photo of the Sakura (main picture above) and the Arlette too (above).

4. Room to breathe

You want your new boots or shoes to fit you well, but not too snugly. Even shoes which are  a little too tight or a little too loose can lead to painful problems, such as blisters and corns.

If your shoes are too tight, they can also cut off blood supply, leading to cold feet. To encourage good circulation in your feet and help them to stay warm, we recommend leaving about a quarter to half an inch between your toes and the end of the shoe. 

Shoes which are too tight width-wise can also create the same issues. If you have wider feet, shop for shoes which will accommodate them comfortably, such as the Ballari Oxford (above). Shop in confidence from Vionic’s wider fit range.

Other wider styles include the Shantelle ankle boot and the Walker classic trainer, which comes in a myriad of colours.

5. Can’t ‘weight’ for your new shoes?

Cosy winter footwear doesn’t have to mean heavy footwear. In fact, Vionic uses materials that are much lighter than traditional ones, yet perform just as well, if not, better! Often, lighter materials will wick away moisture, keeping your feet warm and dry too.

Workouts don’t stop just because the nights draw in and the Fortune lace up trainer (above) features our lightest outsole yet.

If you’re going to be walking your dog off the path and want a trainer to keep your feet dry, consider the Zanny, a waterproof performance walking shoe which is designed to take you the distance.

For the greatest comfort with your Vionic shoes, we recommend wearing them for just a few hours for the first few days to allow your feet to adjust to the new level of orthotic comfort and support. Within one to two weeks you should find the product completely comfortable and supportive.

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