Five sober first date ideas

Five sober first date ideas

Navigating dating life as an adult is a difficult task in itself. We all carry a bit of baggage and making friends doesn’t exactly become easier as we age. But many of us find ourselves in the situation where we’re enduring the likes of online dating in the hope of finding the person we’ll love.

Dating can be daunting, and that’s especially the case if you’re living life sober having struggled with addiction. Passing through alcohol rehab and getting your life back on track is no easy feat, so the last thing you want is for it to unravel as a result of a first date.

However, there are ways to ensure that alcohol isn’t part of the picture when it comes to a first date and there are many fantastic first date ideas that don’t require it at all, yet still allow you to enjoy your time with a person and get to know them more.

So, if you’re worried about dating sober, do not fear, here are five great sober first date ideas to get you started…

Outdoor Picnic in the Park

A good place to start, especially during the summer months, is a picnic in the park or countryside. It’s simple, yet so effective and can create real lasting memories. All you need is a basket, a blanket and a range of snacks, sandwiches and something to drink and you’ve got yourself a nice, romantic setting.

Conversation can flow easily and the fresh air and serene environment will certainly take the pressure off and allow you to enjoy each other’s company.

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

If you’re thinking something more central, museums and art galleries are a good way to discover people’s perspective on things in a casual, relaxed and peaceful environment. Try to find a space that aligns with each of your hobbies and take an afternoon’s stroll around it.

You can finish off in the cafe and have a more in-depth conversation and spot of lunch, while who knows, you could even buy them a present as you pass through the gift shop?

Explore a Farmers’ Market

Similarly, strolling around a market or farmers market can also provide that more relaxed environment for walking and chatting. In fact, it can be the perfect thing to do prior to a picnic, picking up a range of fresh produce and artisanal foods before heading to the park to tuck in.

Markets can be a real sensory experience and really fun for encouraging conversation and exploration via the produce available.

Take a Scenic Hike or Nature Walk

If you both enjoy the outdoors, a scenic hike or nature walk can be an excellent sober first date. Choose a trail that suits your fitness levels and offers beautiful views or interesting wildlife. Hiking together encourages teamwork and allows for natural, uninterrupted conversation. It also provides a healthy dose of exercise and the chance to enjoy the tranquility of nature. Make sure to bring water and perhaps a light snack to share during a rest break, adding a thoughtful touch to the outing.

Attend a Live Performance

Finally, you could go to a show. While live performances can limit conversation a little, if you choose something you both enjoy, then it can be brilliant for making memories, whether it be live comedy, a theatre production or music gig.

You can then discuss the show on a second date or going for a post-show coffee, giving you a talking point and something to build off which can help reduce any jitters you may have. And that’s all without alcohol coming into the picture at all!

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