Get Your Cold On® with Brass Monkey

Get Your Cold On® with Brass Monkey

With cold water therapy proving to be increasingly popular, more people are looking to delve into the wonders of cold immersion in their homes and create dedicated spaces where they can elevate their wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

Brass Monkey, based in North Yorkshire, is the pioneer of premium Ice Baths, Plunges and Barrel Chillers and the only company in the UK to sell ice baths that create their own ice – no need to buy bags of ice like the others. The Ice Baths and Plunges have been developed with patented ice cycle technology, which means that the Baths and Plunges can ascertain the room or outside temperature, and the water temperature, and lower it to 0°c so it formulates and releases its own ice sheets.  This is all controlled by the companion app.

Ice Baths

Brass Monkey Ice Baths can be used internally in homes or externally in gardens and are modelled around a standard domestic bathtub. It has the familiar reclined position, and the company uses four different materials to create over 700 ice bath finishes to suit any interior design scheme or exterior setting. Each bath is made to order and can include wooden tops or sides to bring a natural finish to the bath, which also means minimal ongoing maintenance as the wood will age beautifully. Millboard will maintain the look of wood, but is more resilient to harsher conditions and easy to maintain. Materials can also be mixed so pairing both wood and millboard with aluminium composite sides or painted steel which brings a more sophisticated finish with matched corners and vents. The composite finishes come with stainless steel edging and vents. In addition, you can add music and lighting to your bath for a completely bespoke ice bath and they can all be connected to the internet for over the air updates/ remote management. The baths are 200cm long, 72cm high and 75cm wide. They hold 275 litres of water. The water only needs to be changed every six months, as long as the filters are cleaned monthly and the AV bulb annually. Prices for the Ice Baths start from £11,250.00.

Ice Plunges

Brass Monkey also creates the Ice Plunge which is designed for deeper submersion and has a more upright position. They have also created the Ice Plunge XL for anyone 6ft 4 and above. The Ice Plunge is deeper, shorter and wider than the ice bath.  The Ice Plunge also has the patented Ice Cycle Technology like the Ice Bath, and it can be connected to the internet for over the air updates / remote management and requires very little maintenance. It can live indoors or out and just like the bath comes in a range of premium finishes. The Ice Plunge is 170cm long, 92cm high and 91cm wide. It  holds 435 litres of water. Prices for the Ice Plunge start from £11.750.00.

Barrel and Chiller

The final cold water immersion product from Brass Money, is the Barrel – an outside only product. The barrels used are aged over decades maturing Scotland’s beloved whisky and are upcycled and reimagined to allow for an authentic cold water immersion experience.  Each Barrel is unique as they each bear their own subtle colours and markings. Expert Coopers restore every barrel in the Speyside Valley, and they are stripped back, refurbished and deep cleaned before being treated to ensure they are perfectly watertight and unique. Each Barrel holds approximately 500 litres of water and the standalone water chiller will cool down to a chilly 3-5°C (or warm up to 40°C) which can be controlled via the app. The Barrel also features an always on cleaning with ozone and a simple filter that can be rinsed and replaced easily. An access step and a cover are provided. Each Barrel differs ever so slightly but on average they are 100cm wide, (120cm with fittings) and each Barrel weighs around 110kg, the chiller weighs 50kg. Prices start from £5,750.00

Cold water therapy has become popular for its transformative effects which have scientifically been proven to support mental health, elevate performance, aid recovery and injury, as well as creating clarity, order and overall vitality.

At Brass Monkey, the mission is clear: to help people to develop a strong and resilient mind and body. To rethink what was once challenging. They are in the business of redefining ice baths – making them not only visually stunning but also thrilling to embrace. With a team of innovators, craftsmen, and specialists, Brass Monkey collaborates closely with local engineers and experts, meticulously crafting products that reflect the company’s Yorkshire heritage while resonating globally. Every day, Brass Monkey strives to surpass its own achievements, inching closer to the goal of reshaping the notion of what once seemed impossible. To find out further information, visit

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