How To Submit a Complaint on An Online Casino?

How To Submit a Complaint on An Online Casino?

Before signing up on an online casino, it pays to know that you can file a complaint in case of shortcomings on the operator’s part. This is crucial for online gambling services that generate billions of dollars every year from the players. Hence, they must be held accountable when things go wrong.

However, filing a complaint is easier said than done due to countless bureaucratic hurdles and red tape. But the process is slowly evolving as the authorities are taking stringent measures to put a straightforward procedure in place. Casino affiliates like have sprung into action over the past couple of months. These websites provide the ideal platform for addressing most of your concerns as they’re viewed by millions worldwide.

Common Complaints Against Online Casinos

There are several reasons why players might want to file a complaint against an online operator. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons.

Delayed Withdrawal

You might have noticed that while most casinos accept deposits instantaneously, the withdrawal process is a bit slower. Most casinos take between 24 and 48 hours to transfer the money to your bank account. The process might be a bit lengthy in certain unforeseeable circumstances. However, not all casinos are legitimate, and some might unnecessarily drag their feet to delay payouts, which is a serious concern. If you feel that an operator isn’t taking the correct steps to process your withdrawal request right away, you should consider filing a complaint on Casino Bee.

Complex Terms and Conditions

Online casinos often tend to overcomplicate the rules by introducing complex terms and conditions. The operators often have lengthy documents that are difficult to comprehend and cause unnecessary confusion. While the authorities have begun taking the right steps to streamline the process, several online casinos continue to flout the rules. If you encounter trouble with deposit and withdrawal policies, bonus and wagering requirements, or any other terms of use, don’t hesitate to register your complaint.

Lengthy Verification Process

ID verification or Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process that every operator is legally required to follow when onboarding new players. However, casinos often take up a lot more time than required to process the documents and grant access to new players. While we promote safe gambling practices, casinos must complete the KYC process at the earliest. If you’ve been waiting for clearance for ages, it might be time to file a complaint.

Technical Errors

While online casinos are powered by cutting-edge technology, even the best can make mistakes. In certain cases, a technical glitch can void a win or interrupt gameplay at the very least. Online casinos can cancel such wins according to clauses in their terms of use. If you think you won fair and square, you can file a complaint against the operator or pursue a legal course of action. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, most reputed casinos will compensate for the trouble.

Faulty Self-Exclusion Program

Players have the right to sign up for a self-exclusion program. This locks you out of your casino account for a pre-specified duration during which you don’t get access to bonus offers or other communications. If you’ve signed up for a self-exclusion program but are still getting offers via email or messages, you’re within your rights to file a formal complaint.

How to File a Complaint on an Online Casino?

Registering your complaint is a hassle-free process on most casino affiliate sites. You sign in to your account, select the nature of your complaint, and register your grievances. Once the Grievance Redressal team accepts your complaint, a formal investigation begins. You might hear from the investigators if any additional information is required. And once the process is underway, the online casino is intimated and asked to address your grievances within a specified timeline.

Depending on the regulations in your state, the online operator might be penalized if they fail to respond or comply within the deadline. Most casino aggregators try to sort matters amicably and according to the rules. But registering a complaint does not qualify a casino from being automatically blacklisted. While rogue operators are banned, most affiliate platforms have a specific set of rules that they must follow. You can check the list of blacklisted websites on most casino affiliate platforms.

If you’re dissatisfied with the results, you can further escalate the situation by directly contacting the regional authorities. The regulatory bodies have their grievance redressal boards that ensure transparent and fair practice. However, the authorities might not now take action against a casino in the absence of explicit regulations. You must be prepared to follow up via different channels to pursue the cause.

A few viable options include contacting the Advertising Standards Authority if your complaint relates to marketing malpractices. You could also reach out to independent Betting Adjudication services if you fail to get a positive response in the first place.

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