How To Track Time In The Sauna

How To Track Time In The Sauna

Tracking the time you spend in a sauna is quite important. The reason tracking time is important is that you’ll want to measure your progress.

Here’s an analogy to understand that principle:

In the same way you’ll want to track how many miles you’re running in a specific amount of time, or how much weight you’re moving in the gym, the time you spend in a sauna is important too. Without knowing how much time you spend inside the sauna, it’s harder to know whether you’re making progress and to interpret how well you’re recovering from sessions.

Obviously, it’s harder to recover from a 40 minute session than a 20 minute session, assuming the temperature in a sauna is similar. So, that’s why people ask ‘how to track time in the sauna” for a very good reason.

So here’s what you can do to track time in a sauna:

1.   Buy A High-Quality Sauna With Display

If you’re buying a high-quality sauna, there’s frequently not only a display panel where you can activate and deactivate the sauna on the outside sauna but also on the inside.

And, if you’ve got a portable infrared sauna then it’s really easy to use your smartphone to track the time as it can be kept outside the sauna.

Cheaper infrared saunas often come without a display inside the sauna. In that case, you’ll need a solution to keep the time as long as you’re sitting inside the sauna. Let’s explore a few options here:

2.   Use A Sauna Timer

Fortunately, sauna fanatics have come up with a solution when a sauna doesn’t have an internal display inside the sauna that keeps track of time.

Consider “sauna timers”. These sauna timers are frequently extremely low-tech so that they’re not affected by the heat inside a sauna. If you’re sitting in a hot infrared sauna and especially a traditional sauna where the air gets way hotter, your smartphone will malfunction and stop working when it’s exposed to that heat.

So, whatever you do, never use your smartphone inside any sauna. I don’t even recommend using a smartphone in infrared saunas where the air temperature is much lower, as it’s still high enough for permanent damage to your phone.

That’s why buying a sauna timer online is a great solution: usually these work like an hourglass and you can reset the time each time you enter the sauna.

Additionally, some companies have also developed specific “sauna clocks” that can withstand higher temperatures. These sauna clocks are an excellent alternative to a sauna timer as both won’t succumb under high temperatures.

Lastly, let’s consider some alternative options:

3.   Alternative Sauna Tracker Methods

Many other solutions exist to the “how to track time in the sauna” question.

  • For instance, you can set the volume on your smartphone to the maximum so that you’ll hear it while the smartphone is located outside the sauna.
  • Or, you could put an electric timer on a side table outside the sauna that allows you to read the time through the glass of the sauna.
  • You can create a list of songs that take 20 or 30 minutes to complete, which are played through the BlueTooth of your sauna. Once the music stops, you know it’s time to get out.
  • You can stop trying to track the time you spend inside a sauna and go by feeling. Once you’ve sweated enough and are tired, you get out.

Be creative, many other alternatives exist. And now that I’ve given you ample of sauna time tracking options, let’s conclude:

Conclusion: Don’t Bring Your Smartphone Into A Sauna

Whatever you do, don’t bring your smartphone into the sauna. Any other method works, as long as you’re not exposing electronics to the high heat. Use the timer of the sauna itself, use a sauna clock, or be creative with any of the other many options. Tracking time inside a sauna couldn’t be easier if you understand the fundamental principle behind it…

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