Let’s get cosy…

Let’s get cosy…

The lingering warmth of Indian summer may have taken us by surprise, but hints of autumn are unmistakably present in the air as the evenings grow shorter.

Personally, I revel in the transition of seasons. I’ve already replaced my summery wreath with one adorned with the colours of autumn, and my home is now filling up with snug accessories, the comforting scents of autumn, and, of course, a selection of delightful wines!

After a long day, once I’ve tucked my two boys into bed, there’s nothing quite like savouring a glass of wine while I catch up on my favourite shows or immerse myself in a good book.

Setting the mood is important to me, and I’ve recently discovered a perfect addition to enhance these moments – Neom’s latest candle, aptly named ‘Hibernate.’ It creates an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and unwinding.

Check out how I enjoy my autumn evenings below:

The Ned Wine has become my go-to wine lately because of its ripe aromas and zesty finish that perfectly complements the crispness of autumn. Its deep, fruity flavours seem to harmonise with the changing leaves outside, making every sip a delightful experience.

As for my Dreamland UK heated blanket, it’s an absolute lifesaver during the cooler evenings. Its plush, faux-fur surface provides the ultimate comfort, and the customisable heat settings allow me to find the perfect warmth for those chilly nights. Whether I’m curled up with a book or indulging in a movie, it wraps me in a cocoon of cosiness that’s hard to resist. For anyone who knows me, I love being warm.

So, as the Indian summer gently fades into the welcoming embrace of autumn, I find solace in these simple pleasures. They all come together to make this season change a time of relaxation, comfort, and pure contentment.

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