<strong>Making your house a ‘Homey’ with Stoov’s newest personal heating product launch</strong> 

Making your house a ‘Homey’ with Stoov’s newest personal heating product launch 

Introducing the latest in the range of sustainable infrared heating products that warm people, not the planet  

Stoov, the Dutch company that designs and produces infrared heating pillows,  covers, and chair covers, announces the launch of its new Homey product in the UK, following the brand’s successful launch in September last year. Within only 3 months Stoov has been able to heat approximately 10,000 people in the UK sustainably with their existing products.  

Adding to its existing offering of Ploov cushions and Big Hug heated chair blankets, Stoov is now adding its rechargeable hot water bottle style product, the Homey, to its UK range. This product gives you all the comfort and warmth of a classic hot water bottle, without the added task of heating the kettle, and the constant worry of hot water leaking.   

Available with three different heat settings, you can set your Homey product to your optimal temperature (ranging from 34 – 42 degrees) for ultimate comfort. You can even use your Homey on the go, thanks to the quick and easy charger, with one full charge giving up to three hours of warmth.   

The ongoing rising cost-of-living crisis is still a worry for many as the colder months continue in the UK, and with that, consumers are having to become savvier with spending to ensure they can keep their homes heated as they look to the year ahead. According to research1 by Uswitch.com, households that turn their thermostats down by a single degree could save up to £128 on their energy bills per year.  

With your trusty Homey, you can turn your heating to at least two degrees lower than your normal setting, resulting in savings on average of £256 per year. A bonus versus classic hot water bottles is it eliminates the extra costs involved with filling and boiling the kettle.   

Whilst using your Homey may not solve the climate problem, it will certainly help lower energy consumption, as with every degree you lower the thermostat, it saves 7% in energy. As well as this, your Homey offers a far more efficient form of heating as it warms up the individual rather than the entire room.  

Infrared technology  

Homeys use long-wave infrared heating technology (far-infrared or FIR), which means they heat objects and people rather than the air. These waves penetrate your body to warm you up from the inside out and relax your muscles- so make sure you snuggle up tight!   

Founder at Stoov Teun Van Leijsen says: “We are extremely excited to introduce the UK to the Homey and invite customers to enjoy the coziness and warmth this product brings. We are passionate about using technology to help people stay warm, reduce energy consumption and save money. We pride ourselves on high quality materials and a stylish design and look forward to offering another alternative solution for Brits to keep warm, that also looks and feels great.”  

Pricing and availability  

Homeys are available now from the Stoov UK website. Available in Woolly White, Woolly Black, Woolly Beige, and Original Grey.   

Prices for the Ploov Homey range from £79.95 to £84.95. For the complete collection, please visit  https://uk.stoov.com/collections/homey.   

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