No Mo-Stache Says No Mo(re) Unibrow!

No Mo-Stache Says No Mo(re) Unibrow!

Be The Unicorn You Were Meant to Be & Eliminate Unibrows With These All In One Kits!

Every busy woman knows that having time to make salon visits is not always an option. Worse, is without the time you catch yourself in a rear view mirror or through a window in a shop and find those odd stray hairs on the brows sticking out. Don’t hide. The easy solution is to find the closest private space (or ladies) available and pull out a box of No Mo Unibrow.

No Mo-Unibrow is a portable brow wax kit with 24 individual wax strips you can use for the brows or anywhere on your face. Includes bonus mini tweezers! Amazing for brow touch-ups any time, any place….

After spotting errant hairs in the car mirror a few too many times that didn’t seem to be there in the morning, fashion industry executive Gita Vasseghi decided that she’d had enough.  Gita created a solution for this all too common issue.

The solution Gita came out with was ‘a super easy girl-on-the-go-friendly hair removal kit’; and with this she started a waxing revolution! No Mo-Stache – portable waxing strips take hair removal out of the salon, out of the home and free you up to remove hair in seconds anywhere (yes, even in your car!).

At-home waxing products are nothing new – and they haven’t changed in generations. Until now, the same messy, cumbersome hair removal options found in drugstore aisles in your mom’s day were the only non-salon option. These products are so unpleasant and difficult to use, that women throw often up to their hands in frustration and decide to leave hair removal to the pros – which gets expensive – plus who has the time?

Unlike these outdated offerings, No Mo-Unibrow is portable, mess-free and will never burn your skin. Using No Mo-Unibrow could not be easier – simply rub the strips in your hands to heat up and apply to the face. The wax itself is hypoallergenic and also includes a soothing aloe cream for post wax relief. Housed in sleek, chic, super slim packaging that fits right in your pocket, No Mo-Stache is pleasant to use, and saves a ton of money and time!

Perfectly portioned for suitcases and carryalls, this cheekily named kit fits into your busy schedule when stopping at the salon doesn’t. This is the perfect travel or at home waxing kit for women.

For best results, hair should be at least a quarter of an inch long prior to waxing. It is also very important to pay close attention to what ingredients are in your skincare products prior to waxing. If you are using Retin-A, any topical acne creams or acids, refrain from the use of any of these topicals for two weeks prior to waxing (note: you can avoid the area to be waxed and continue to use these products on other facial areas). You should wear sunscreen every day, but it’s even more important to use after you have waxed. Getting waxed is a deep exfoliation for the skin, so it leaves your skin more vulnerable to the sun.

No Mo-Unibrow is available Exclusively at CULT BEAUTY for £13.20- 24 single wax strips (double-sided)

No Mo-Stache Facial Razor- The Perfect Partner For Full Facial Glow!

If you’re not a candidate for waxing but would still like to free your face from ‘peach fuzz’ search no futher than No Mo-Stache’s Facial Razor. This little razor is the perfect partner to exfoliate the top layer of skin and remove that unsightly ‘peach fuzz’! The result? –Perfect, smooth, glowy skin!

Designed to effectively remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface our stainless steel facial razor is effective while being gentle. The results last up to two weeks (depending on your hair growth of course) !

The result of smoother skin results in better absorption of skincare products, and also a flawless makeup application too.

Tips & Facts For Use:

-hold the skin area taut & hold the blade at a 45 degree angle, move the blade in upward strokes

– dermaplanning isn’t the same as shaving away the hairs as it’s more like exfoliating, so don’t be afraid that hairs will grow back thicker or faster (this is a much finer blade)

– hairs will not grow back thicker & darker as it cuts the hair at the skin’s surface, meaning it will not affect your hair follicle (the hair follicle is the only thing that makes hair darker or causes it to darken)

– the blade is safe to use as it is designed not to cut the skin

– DO NOT use this razor if you have acne or pimples- you might want to wait until area is clear before using this as you do not want the spread of bacteria or causing other areas of the face to have acne or pimples

No Mo-stache Facial Razor is available Exclusively at CULT BEAUTY at for £6.50

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