Photos and their benefits

Photos and their benefits

We take more photos now than ever before, 1.81 trillion photos are taken worldwide every year, which equals 57,246 per second, or 5.0 billion per day!!. A huge 90% of these photos were taken on mobile phones.

On average there are 3000 photos stored on adult phones in the UK, this means that on average there are 160 billion digital phone photos currently saved, that is a lot of photos, how often do we actually look back at them? And how often do we hold them in our hands?

Photos and nostalgia

Nostalgia is like that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you think about the good old days. It’s when you start missing and longing for the past, whether it’s people, places, or experiences that hold special meaning to you. You know, those moments that bring a smile to your face and make you feel all sentimental.

It’s funny how nostalgia works. It can be triggered by different things like a familiar smell, a song that takes you back, or even stumbling upon an old photo. Suddenly, you’re transported back in time, reliving those memories and feeling a mix of emotions. It’s like a little escape from the present, giving you a comforting sense of connection to your past.

Nostalgia isn’t just about feeling good, though. Sometimes it can make you a bit sad too, as you realize that things have changed or that you can’t go back to those moments exactly as they were. But overall, it’s a bittersweet feeling that reminds you of who you are and where you’ve come from. It’s a way to cherish and appreciate your life.Science shows us that reflecting can create positive emotions

Why carrying a photo with you is beneficial

People love looking back at old photos, revisiting that special memory or person.

By combining a photo with a keyring, you can carry that special memory wherever you go

Nostalgia has been shown to improve mood, relieve stress, contribute to positive mental health, provide comfort and raise self-esteem. (It can also increase your physical warmth – apparently!) When we reflect on happy times, people we love, it can create a closeness and connection. Feelings of sadness about the past are completely natural and understandable, but these can be balanced out to an extent by nostalgia’s positive effects.

Photographs are a brilliant source of nostalgia, helping us to recall milestones and favourite memories. Carrying a photo keyring is perfect for this, especially in the days of digital files and images kept hidden on memory cards and mobile phones.

 Our photo keyrings are a beautiful keepsake to carry around with you wherever you go.

Photo keyrings are great, everyone needs a keyring, they’re useful, you can’t have too many and a photo keyring has the added benefit of being nostalgic – giving you that heart warming feeling.

Tips to taking photographs

  1. Composition: Pay attention to the composition of your photo. Use the rule of thirds as a general guideline to frame your subject. Place your subject off-center, aligning it with the intersecting lines or points of the grid. This adds visual interest and balance to your image.
  2. Lighting: Good lighting is crucial for a great photo. When shooting outdoors, take advantage of natural light and avoid harsh shadows. If shooting indoors, position your subject near a window or use soft, diffused lighting. Tap on the subject in the Camera app to adjust the exposure and focus, ensuring the right lighting balance.
  3. Stability: To avoid blurry photos, stabilize your iPhone. Hold it with both hands or use a tripod for longer exposures or low-light situations. You can also use the volume buttons or the headphone remote as a shutter release to minimize camera shake.
  4. HDR Mode: Take advantage of the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode on your iPhone. It combines multiple exposures to capture a wider range of light and detail. In HDR mode, your iPhone captures three images at different exposures and blends them together to create a well-balanced photo. Enable HDR in the Camera app settings.
  5. Editing: After capturing the photo, use editing tools to enhance its quality. The built-in Photos app offers basic editing features such as cropping, exposure adjustments, and color correction. Experiment with these tools such as Lightroom mobile presets to fine-tune your image and make it more vibrant and appealing.

Here are some ideas for a photo keyring

Personalisation ideas for Dad

A photo of a newborn baby, include your newborn’s all important details: name, time of birth, date and weight, for example: “Amber, Born 22.07.22 at 12.22am, 7lb 7oz”

Baby’s first birthday pic with a reminder of when and where the photograph was taken, for example: “Joey’s first birthday, 2022”

A reminder of a day you’ll never forget, for example: “14.07.19: the day you became my daddy”

A fave pic of your baby with a message from your baby to their mama/daddy (if only they could talk!), for example: “Mama, I love you more than naps xx”

A beautiful wedding picture with the couples’ married names, wedding date and location, for example: “Mr and Mrs Elliot, 06.08.21, St. Joseph’s Church”

A cute couple pic with a sweet message from the bride to her groom, for example: “You’re my happily ever after”

A lovely picture of children with a  message to remind the recipient who the gift came from, for example: “We love you Daddy, love Evelyn and Griff xxx”

That amazing holiday, along with the date and location the photograph was taken, perfect for holiday snaps – for example: “Bali 2018”

A funny picture of friends, with birthday message to celebrate a milestone year, for example: “Happy 30th Birthday, Sarah! Let’s get the party started xx”

A lookback on special memories you’ve made with the recipient, for example: “Daddy and Theo, making memories since 2018”

A reminder of the unique relationship between the sender and receiver, for example: “This Grandad belongs to Archie and Ellie”

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