Quintessential British pastimes – How to adapt while vacationing in England

Quintessential British pastimes – How to adapt while vacationing in England

The UK is home to some of the greatest tourist spots in the world. Big Ben in London, Stonehenge in Wiltshire and the Lake District in Cumbria.

But how do you avoid sticking out like a sore thumb around the Brits? If you want to blend in with the locals, wherever you are in the UK, then we’ve got some handy tips for you. As we reveal some quintessential pastimes beloved by the British.

Stuffing our faces with fish and chips and pie and mash

Fish and chips is probably the best-known English dish around the world. Followed closely by pie and mash and, for other British fare, the full English breakfast. And there’s a common misconception that British food is boring. But it’s not, we swear!

Of all British cuisine, a lot of tourists get stung with overpriced and terribly-cooked fish and chips. And, of course, this is because many people end up buying it from typical tourist traps. Especially in London.

So, for the real deal, get chatting to the locals. Wherever you stay, everyone will have a place they recommend nearby for the crispiest fresh fish and hand-cut, deep fried chips.

And, for other British fare, get down to your local pub and order a pie. But, if you can’t find pie and mash on the menu, you’re not in a real pub!

Complaining about the weather

It’s not just the Brits that love to complain about the weather. We’re just really good at it! Is it a hobby? We prefer to think of it as more of a national sport.

Unfortunately, wherever you visit in the UK, you’re probably going to see at least a few days of rain. So, what better way to get to know the locals than by grabbing a pint at the local pub and having a good moan about the weather? You’ll blend right in with the neighbours in no time.

Going to the bingo hall or having a flutter

In the UK, we love a bit of fun. And bingo, casino games and sports betting are some of the most popular pastimes for locals. So, get yourself to the nearest bingo hall and listen out for phrases like ‘eyes down’ and ‘2 fat ladies’.

Or, if you’re feeling fancy, don your favourite outfit and head to a great casino. For a night of English entertainment, a la James Bond.

Another idea is to find popular English casino sites using a gambling guide. So that, if you’re not familiar with popular casino games, like blackjack, roulette and poker, you can pick up some tips and get some practice at a great online casino first.

Going to the pub 

It might sound silly, but one of most ‘British’ things you can do is simply head to your local pub. Passing time with our loved ones over a pint and a good pub lunch is one of our favourite hobbies. And you never have to walk far before you find a fantastic, authentic English pub. 

In the UK, the ‘public house’ has a long history. And it’s not just a place where people go to get drunk! All throughout the years, pubs have been a central point for locals and are a huge part of the community.

In fact, pubs are where people go to celebrate, commiserate, meet up with old friends and make new ones. Therefore, the very best way to get to know English people is by taking a trip to your local ‘boozer’ and striking up a conversation with someone at the bar. And, if you really want to get into their good books, then get a round of drinks. You’ll probably end up with your plaque on the wall!

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