V-Day Trends…

V-Day Trends…

So in order to avoid a fashion massacre (gents – I’m looking at you) let’s take a look at what to wear to make your hot date memorable for all the right reasons.

This time of year is rife with clichés (I mean, red roses and chocolates – again?!)

But instead of ditching it altogether, you can use this year to play around with conventions.


Whether you’ve been together five years, or met your date on a bus last week, dining at a nice restaurant can be a nightmare when it comes to deciding what to wear.

While outfit choices are somewhat limited, this is the chance to show your partner (and yourself) that you really know how to dress up and keep abreast of the latest looks.

Let’s face it lads, you’re probably all going to wear some sort of suit. While there’s nothing wrong with this, the key here is to do different. This means not looking like you’re turning up for a job interview – and the devil is in the detail. Showing that you are willing to mix things up a bit will score big points.

It can be as simple as undoing your top two shirt buttons to flout the fact that you aren’t wearing a tie – or you could wear a vibrant handkerchief in your breast pocket to draw attention to your new tweed blazer.

Simple little things like this can show, subtly, that you’ve not only taken some serious time over your appearance but have also dared to deviate from the beaten track.


Going for drinks is a great way to let your hair down with your date and generally calls for less buttoned-down attire.

But this shouldn’t be an excuse to wear just anything. Grooming and understated gestures, such as a clean pair of smart boots or town shoes firmly indicate that, though the date may be casual, you’re certainly taking it seriously.

Do you know what your partner will be wearing? You could sneak a complimentary note into your outfit to match. But don’t go overboard.


If you have an activity planned then practicality is key.

Think smart but warm at this time of year. A well-cut coat and layers that can work as standalones are a must.

If you’re on a scenic walk or at a museum, then a leather shoulder bag or satchel may well be in order. Remember that the bag (unless you are literally going hiking) shouldn’t get in the way of anything.

You can also use the predictably poor weather to your advantage. Grab a pair of warm gloves and a hat to complement your outfit. If the wind picks up, you can always share body heat.

And there you have it! Whatever the occasion, Bounce Magazine has you covered – literally!

Article by Nye Longman

Follow Nye on twitter @MrNLon.

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