Veganuary: Everything you need to smash the challenge

Veganuary is a 30-day challenge that asks participants to eat only plant-based foods in January. 

As the name suggests, the campaign is centred around encouraging people all over the world to switch to a plant-based diet during the month of Jan.1

Since the campaign was launched by Veganuary – which is actually a charitable organisation as well as the name of the initiative – in 2014, the number of people taking on the challenge has continued to rise year on year.

In support of this campaign we have sourced some amazing Veganuary inspiration – just check out the below food and drink products….

Frylight Butter Flavour Cooking Spray

Perfect for pancakes as well as other sweet cakes and bakes, the delicious buttery flavour maintains the taste of normal butter without the additional fat and calories.

A cost-effective alternative to solid fats and pouring oil in an easy-to-use, sprayable format, offering 950 sprays – enough for around 190 meals per bottle.

Available from Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Iceland and Ocado.

RRP: £2.60 (Price is at the sole discretion of retailers).

OFFER: Buy Frylight for £1.75 (save £1) at Sainsbury’s from 15th February – 7th March 2023

Frylight Creamy Coconut Oil Cooking Spray

·       The delicate coconut flavour will take your pancake stack to the next level; top with dark chocolate and raspberries for a mouth-wateringly moreish combination.

·       Fancy a savoury pancake instead? Use Frylight’s Coconut Oil to fry, roast, grill or bake your choice of toppings.

·       Available from Morrisons, Lidl and Ocado.


Heinz Plant-Based Beanz & Sausages

Times are changing – plant based eating just got tastier!
For a quick and filling meal, enjoy our classic Beanz with vegan sausages packed full of flavour.

Buy here.

Ginsters Creamy Garlic Mushroom Slice

This was a vegan sensation when it launched last year as a Limited-Edition flavour and is now returning to shelves due to popular demand. Featuring golden, light puff pastry and a filling of sliced white and chestnut mushrooms in a creamy coconut milk and white wine sauce, including roasted garlic, potato, onion, herbs, and a hint of lemon zest.

Buy here.


Spiced cauliflower, carrot and chickpeas with sweet mango chutney, wrapped in vegan puff pastry and hand-topped with a mixed seed sprinkle.

Buy here.


Savoury bite-size muffins made with red peppers, spinach and basil, butternut squash purée and pine nuts.

Buy here.


Seeded spelt shortcrust pastry with spinach and SunBlush® tomatoes in a creamy oat and coconut milk filling, hand-topped with roasted tomatoes and millet.

Buy here.

Savoia Americano, the only vegan-certified wine aperitivo

A unique and revolutionary aromatised aperitivo that’s vegan, low ABV (18.6%), 100% natural and has significantly less sugar than other red bitters and sweet vermouths on the market. Savoia Americano makes the ideal choice for those looking to kick off 2023 with a lighter and vegan-friendly tipple.

Produced in a historic distillery in Turin, Italy, and made from a blend of over 20 botanicals this aromatised aperitif wine provides the perfect mid-point between red bitters and sweet vermouth, for the ultimate ‘bitter-sweet’ aperitivo experience.Best served with bubbles as a light pre-dinner aperitivo, or with soda and fresh orange for a digestivo – this is the perfect aperitif to have on your bar trolley. And if you’re a fan of a Negroni & Spritz, then you’ll love Savoia Americano‘s signature cocktail – the Americano, made using only soda water and green grapes to garnish.

Savoia Americano is available to purchase from Amazon

Spice Drops®

There are over 30 varieties in the Spice Drops® range of highly concentrated extracts of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers.  Made using natural ingredients with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives, and containing no added sugar or salt, every 5ml bottle contains around 150 drops, each one of which can transform a boring carbonated drink into something special – instantly.

Buy here.

Double Dutch

Double Dutch is an award-winning producer of tonics and mixers that are first-class, fabulous and flavoursome. All the products are naturally vegan and gluten-free and the full range includes; Double Dutch Pink Grapefruit Soda, Pomegranate and Basil, Cucumber and Watermelon and Cranberry and Ginger Tonic. 
The range now contains thirteen delicious flavour variations and are double the fun with unique, bold and unexpected flavour pairings made with high quality ingredients and no artificial flavouring. 

Buy here.

Great North Pie Co

Great North Pie Co has a range of vegan pies including the Daal Gobi. The lovely crafted Daal Gobi features spiced urad daal lentils, marinated & roasted cauliflower, ginger, garlic, turmeric, deggi chilli, mustard seed, cardamon, clove, cinnamon and coriander. All pies are also available for nationwide home delivery.

Buy here.

McGuigan Reserve Chardonnay 

A beautifully elegant wine, with aromas of ripe apple and white peach that are complemented by a touch of subtle oak, delivering a lovely creamy texture and a long lingering finish.

Available in Sainsbury’s

McGuigan Reserve Shiraz

A beautifully complex wine, filled with vibrant red berry aromas and a gentle oak aging which compliments the fruit flavours, adding subtle spice and great length.

Available in Sainsbury’s

McGuigan Reserve Merlot

This is a ripe and luscious wine, with rich plum-like flavours and nicely balanced with a smooth mellow finish.

Available in Sainsbury’s 


The popular vegan and veggie frozen food brand makes a range of ready to cook products (all take 30 minutes, or less to cook) that can form the base of a healthy vegan or vegetarian meal.  Loved by experienced vegans and novices alike because they are nutritionally balanced, GoodLife foods give you the head start you need when exploring vegan food; they don’t try to mimic meat but use only delicious vegetables and contain no artificial nasties.  Use them to create your own repertoire of tasty, convenient vegan dishes, to build confidence in your own capabilities in vegan cuisine.

The full GoodLife vegan range comprises:

  • Vegetable Firecracker Melt (vegan and low in saturated fat)
  • Vegetable Paella Slice (vegan and low in saturated fat)
  • Falafel (vegan and gluten free)
  • Nut Burger (vegan)
  • Spicy Veg Beanburger (vegan and high in fibre) 

Buy here.


Our scrumptious Almond & Pecan Crunch Granola may be low-sugar and gluten-free, but it is most definitely not low on taste. A cunningly crafted combination of pecans, almonds and vanilla is enhanced with naturally derived sweeteners and plant fibres to offer outstanding taste satisfaction. 

Made in the UK from only the very best, 100% natural ingredients, this granola makes a great breakfast bowl with milk or dairy-free alternative but can be enjoyed as a snack at any time.

Buy here.


Many of their classic seasonings are actually vegan plus they have their Vegan Sheese & Red Onion packs. These are available in most major supermarkets and also available in a Vegan Crowd Pleasers bundle online – KETTLE Chips | Vegan Crisps Crowd Pleaser Box | 8 x Sharing Bags | UK – Kettle Chips

Buy here.


Many of their flavours are also vegan including the Tomatillo Salsa Tortilla Chips which are used as part of this recipe for Vegan Sweet Potato Nachos – VEGAN SWEET POTATO NACHOS – Manomasa

Buy here.

Floozie Chocolate Chunk

Dark chocolate cookie, soft dark chocolate ganache.

Buy here.

Scrambled OGGS®

Perfect for flexi, planet conscious foodies wanting delicious, plant-based alternatives that don’t compromise on taste, Scrambled OGGS® is super easy to use. Simply pour and cook for fluffy scrambles, savoury omelettes, quiches, or an eggy edition to your full English. Not only is it nutritious and delicious, but Scrambled OGGS® also produces 60% less CO2 equivalent than eggs. One 330ml bottle contains the equivalent of six eggs.
Try for FREE this Veganuary, claim your free bottle via coupon app GreenJinn using this link.

Available from: Sainsbury’s and Waitrose
RRP: £3.25
Offer: £2.50 throughout January 2023

Buy a gift – Winter Sparkle Vegan Afternoon Tea for Two at Home with Piglets Pantry

  • A delicious vegan Winter Sparkle afternoon tea which includes:
    – 2 x vegan scones
    – 2 x pots of Tiptree cherry jam
    – 2 x pots of whipped vegan butter
    – 2 x teapigs tea bags
    – 2 x vegan chocolate mint loaf cake
    – 2 x vegan orange and cranberry loaf cake
    – 2 x rainbow vegan rolls
    – 2 x mushroom and garlic crumb quiches
    – 2 x rainbow scotch ‘eggs’ with beetroot centre

Cosy up inside and dig into a Piglets Pantry vegan Winter Sparkle afternoon tea at home! It’s a wonderfully indulgent treat for a pair of vegan foodies that can be enjoyed before or after the big day. This award-winning food producer supplies handmade sweet and savoury goodies across the country and has put an oh-so festive twist on their classic vegan afternoon tea. Feast on chocolate mint cakes, vegan scones with cherry jam, mushroom and garlic crumb quiches, orange and cranberry cakes and more! It makes a wonderful gift for friends and family or a cheeky treat for yourself.

Buy here.

Black Garlic Whole Bulb

A culinary beauty lies inside our classic Black Garlic bulb. Open it up to find cloves of black gold. Add to a cheese or deli board for that special something.

Buy here.

Peeled Black Garlic Cloves

These soft Black Garlic cloves are the essence of umami, adding depth and next day richness to any dish or a delicious treat as a healthy snack.

Buy here.

Black Garlic Paste Pot

This luxurious Black Garlic paste is the original flavour bomb and perfect for dressings, stocks, marinades, chillies, stir-fries and sauces.

Buy here.


  • UMAMI SEASONING SAUCE gives a natural boost of savory-depth to any dish in seconds
  • FLAVOR SHORTCUT; a few teaspoons instantly enhances stir-fries, soups, roasted vegetables, sauces, dressings, noodles and more
  • CAREFULLY BREWED; slow, triple-fermented soy beans and rich vegetable broths combine to create a concentrated yet balanced umami-rich pantry sauce
  • VERSATILE & DELICIOUS alternative to fish sauce, soy sauce, bouillon cubes/paste, oyster sauce, broth, liquid aminos, umami powders, homemade/instant dashi, flavor bases
  • ALL THE GOOD STUFF; USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, no artificial ingredients, carbs, sugar, fat

Buy here.

Squeaky Bean Cooking Chorizo Style Sausage

Dry Cured Chorizo Style Made with Pea and Faba Bean Protein and Ancho Chilli.

Buy here.

Red Letter Days Two Week Plant Based Meal Kit Subscription Box for Two by Grubby

  • Enjoy a two-week plant-based meal subscription kit
  • Choose three recipes each week for two people
  • Receive pre-measured ingredients weekly
  • Select from a variety of easy-to-follow recipes each week

Vegans, veggies and flexitarians, the must-try meal subscription kit is here. It’s time to take control of mealtimes and enjoy effortless plant-based cooking from home. For those with a busy lifestyle, a meal subscription kit is the perfect fix. Grubby is proudly the UK’s first 100% plant-based recipe kit, offering an array of colourful, healthy recipes bursting with flavour! With this two-week subscription kit, choose three recipes each week and receive fresh British ingredients. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions and pre-measured ingredients – making delicious food has never been easier!

Buy here.

Sheese, Mature Cheddar Vegan Cheese Block

Bute Islands’s Mature Cheddar style Sheese is a 100% soya and dairy free cheese alternative made with coconut oil.

It’s free from lactose, gluten and produced using animal free process. It’s kosher and perfect for vegans and anybody looking to substitute dairy from their diet.

The incredible texture of Bute Islands’s new Mature Cheddar style Sheese slices even better than before. Every bite melts on your tongue to release an outstanding taste. It also melts in a jiffy when cooked or grilled on toast for instance. Mature Cheddar style Sheese is the perfect choice for all sorts of savoury vegan Croque Monsieur as well as pasta bakes the whole family will love.

Buy here.

Chilled Japan Centre Vegan Cheese Tofu Hamburger

egan tofu hamburgers enhanced with creamy vegan cheese.

Providing fresh vegan food ideas from their organically-made tofu, these nutritious hamburgers include an irresistible, stringy cheese inside. Combining tofu, brown rice, oats and seitan for a dense and wonderful hamburger texture, the taste is topped off by a rich vegan cheese, melted creamily into the burger so it simply oozes with flavour. Fried in sunflower oil to keep saturated fat levels balanced,  these low-calorie burgers provide a scrumptious meat-free alternative to regular burgers and more, with an indulgent cheese mixed in to enrich any simple meal.

Buy here.

Rude Health Crunchy Berry Granola

You’ll taste this granola coming a mile off, thanks to the intense flavour of the berries. We take the water out leaving them packed full of taste. Subtle strawberries are set off by tart raspberries. Their crunchy sweetness is complemented by treacly date syrup. Prepare for a double fruit fix, with bite.

Buy here.

eatplanted.pulled – BBQ

Vegan food based on vegetable proteins with 30% marinade, to be consumed cooked.

eatplanted.pulled BBQ brings a smoky sweet BBQ flavour to burger, taco or wrap dishes with every bite.

Buy here.

eatplanted.kebab – Original

Plant-based food made from pea protein with 20% marinade, to eat cooked

Kebab delight as we know and love it, just without animal suffering and good for the environment.

Buy here.

eatplanted.chicken – Original

Plant-based food made from pea protein, to be consumed cooked.

eatplanted.chicken Original is a fresh, culinary canvas where you can let your creativity go wild – according to your taste buds.

Buy here.

Läderach Creamy Vegan Cashew Popcorn

At Läderach, vegan popcorn means crunchy, caramelised popcorn with a fine layer of vegan creamy cashew chocolate mixed with vegan dark chocolate. Perfect for a cosy movie night with friends and family. Chocolate lovers assure us it’s delicious enough to win an Oscar. In other words, it’s taste approved!

Buy here.

FrischSchoggi™ Vegan Cashew

Delicious real chocolate taste with no compromise. Läderach FrischSchoggi™ cashew is a vegan plant-based alternative to milk chocolate. This fresh vegan chocolate is made with cashew milk and uses coconut blossom sugar instead of granulated sugar. Roasted and caramelized cashew nuts are then added and make this fresh vegan chocolate a mesmerizing taste experience. It is so delicious that everyone will love it – including conventional milk chocolate lovers. To sum it up, the new FrischSchoggi™ cashew is taste approved by all. To best enjoy the fresh flavor of this vegan chocolate, consume it within two to three weeks.

Buy here.

Lindt CLASSIC Vegan Milk Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar 

Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers have used their signature skill and unrivalled passion to craft a selection of luxurious, dairy-free, vegan chocolates for you and your loved ones. They have taken inspiration from our traditional Swiss chocolate recipes and expertly combined premium cocoa with gluten free oat drink and smooth almond paste to craft our Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar, the perfect vegan chocolate treat.

Buy here.


Zero clucks given! Who cares that they’re innovative and award-winning? These Plant-Based Chicken Breasts are really clucking tasty. They taste and feel like chicken but are meat free, soy free and packed with pea-proteiny goodness.

Buy here.

The bottled baking co – Vegan Cookie & Vegan Brownie Baking Mixes in a Bottle

Not one but two bottles of our best selling vegan baking kits! 

Best of both worlds, bake yourself some scrumptious chocolate filled cookies and follow it up with our gooey brownie mix. Plenty to share around with friends and family….. or to scoff yourself as a treat! 

  • 1 BOTTLE = 1 Tree planted 🌳
  • Palm oil free 🐒
  • 100% Reusable Glass Bottle ♻️
  • Handmade in Yorkshire ✋

Buy here.

nirvana brewery BAVARIAN HELLES LAGER-

This flagship lager is crisp, clean and immaculately balanced, standing head and shoulders above the rest. A true Bavarian icon. Golden colour, pleasant biscuit notes, natural carbonation, nectar finish.

Buy here.


Chewy peanut nougat crammed with roasted peanuts, with a caramel layer & enrobed in plant based choccy. Perfect to grab on the go!

Buy here.

Vintage Roots Giol Pinot Grigio

It is the fresh, uplifting summer orchard fruits that make this soft, generously-flavoured wine so loveable. Generous peachy aromas are followed by flavours of apricot and more creamy peach on the palette. This organic white is excellent with vegetable hors d’oeuvres and vegetable dishes, soups, salads and starters, grilled veggies or fish with light sauces and soufflés

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Vintage Roots Giol Prosecco Spumante

This pale yellow delight is full of persistent bubbles with a pronounced nose of white-fleshed fruits and blossom overlaying a yeasty base. This Prosecco is delicate and dry in the mouth and finely structured to show off its biscuit and apple palate without any one flavour becoming too dominant.

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Play in choc JustChoc Boxes

Discover these delicious dark and M•LK chocolates that are naturally allergy-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan so adults and kids can safely enjoy our sweet treats without worry. Suitable for children and adults alike, these JustChoc Boxes are perfect for birthday presents, a weekend treat or simply because you love delicious chocolate.

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Rude Health Dairy Free Drinks

Organic Almond Drink. Creamy crushed almond is blended smoothly with rice, pure mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil. Rice brings its own natural silky sweetness – so you won’t miss the usual thickeners, syrups or added sugars. It’s a naturally nutty almond milk.

Oats are creamiest when they’re natural and gluten free. Just like the ones in this carton. Drink to avoid the fear of missing oat.

Coconut Drink. A refreshing alternative to milk. We take all the lovely white stuff from coconuts and whip it up until it’s smooth. Then we blend it with rice, pure mountain spring water and a pinch of sea salt. The coconut’s good oils give it a creamy texture, while giving you all kinds of nutrient goodies.

Less is moreish with our Soya Drink. It’s got water, sustainably sourced, organic soya beans, organic rice syrup and sea salt. That’s it. It’s creamy and gently flavoured, which means it pairs well with just about anything. The original go-to option for dairy free drinkers.

Buy here.

Organix Magnificent 7 Veggies

Help your little one to explore new tastes with our gently mashed Magnificent 7 Veggies. A deliciously tasty and softly chewable meal made with over 75% veggies for 2 of their 5 a day. The perfect next step for little learners to explore and enjoy a variety of deliciously tasty veggies. 

Buy here.

Organix Soft Oat Bars For Babies 12 Months+ With Raspberry & Apple

Soft, scrummy and deliciously fruity, these organic toddler oat bars with Raspberry & Apple are packed full of real fruit juice, soft raisins and wholegrain oats for toddlers to munch on the go. These yummy soft oat bars for babies 12 months+ make the perfect snack for toddlers and kids on life’s little adventures.

Buy here.

Organix Jam Sandwich Toddler Biscuits

Your little one won’t want to dodge these jam sandwich biscuits with a fun monster design. They make a healthy alternative to other mini jammy dodgers, as they’re made with organic fruit juices and apple and strawberry purees.

Buy here.

Squeaky Bean Seasoned Chicken Style Pieces

Chicken Style Pieces Made with Wheat and Pea Protein Seasoned with Black Pepper and Salt.

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Tyrrells Vegetable Crisps 

Tyrrells Vegetable Crisps aren’t just veggie – they’re vegan! ‘Tyrrellbly’ tasty and they won’t make you break any New Year’s resolutions – what more could you want? The Tyrrells vegetable crisp range comes in two delicious flavours, including Lightly Sea Salted Mixed Root Veg and Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt.

Buy here.

Horlicks Vegan

A dairy free malted beverage to enjoy with your favourite alternative milk, Horlicks Vegan uses a vegan recipe based on the brand’s signature creamy and malty characteristics.

Registered by The Vegan Society, the formulation caters not only to vegans, but also for those who suffer with dairy allergies. It’s ideal for kids and adults, can be enjoyed hot or cold, and contains 14 key vitamins and minerals.

The vegan formulation is based on the flavour profile of the Horlicks Original blend which requires hot milk, meaning Horlicks lovers can add your favourite preference of dairy alternatives, from almond to soy, coconut or oat milk!

Buy here.

Drink me Chai’s Vegan Chai Latte

Drink me Chai is the UK’s leading alternative hot drink brand made with natural & authentic spices, and its Vegan Chai Latte has been relaunched with a new barista improved recipe and fully recyclable metal tin. The recipe change makes for a thicker, more luxurious chai latte when made up with water than ever before, and the new metallic tin will look great in any kitchen!

Expertly blended using natural and authentic spices, the Drink me Chai Vegan Chai Latte is gluten-free and naturally lower in caffeine than traditional tea & coffee.
No need to add soya, almond or oat milk, as the Vegan Chai Latte recipe contains soya milk which means you can make it instantly with water. It’s never been easier to replicate your favourite drink from your local coffee shop!  

A Chai Latte is the perfect alternative to tea and coffee and can be enjoyed any time of day, so why not invite your friends over and create those warm and welcoming café-culture vibes from the comfort of your own home!

To enjoy iced, add four heaped teaspoons of powder into a tall glass, pour in your choice of cold plant-based milk and whizz with a milk frother. Serve over ice for a refreshing, indulgent treat.

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Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages ‘Combe aux Jacques’ 2021 

Beaujolais, France 

This should be drunk quite cool in order to protect the delicious aromas of fruits and the delicate freshness which is the signature of this wine

Stockists: TescoAsda, Nisa, Ocado, Booths, Wholefoods

Errazuriz Estate Reserva Pinot Noir 2021

Aconcagua, Chile

From the cool-climate Aconcagua Region near the Pacific shores, where cool breezes and abundant sunshine help create fresh, crisp wines. Light-bodied and crisp, with soft tannins and a pleasing, well-rounded finish.

Stockists: MajesticWaitrose, SPAR 

The Weather Man Fairtrade Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Winds coming in off the ocean assist in cooling the vineyards, during the long, hot summer months. This is a crisp, elegant vibrant sauvignon blanc.

Fairtrade Wine of South Africa

 Stockists: Coop

Journey’s End Identity Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Wine of Coastal Region, South Africa

The wine has a delicate, pale straw colour with a slight green edge. A pronounced nose with lime, green fig, white pear, and hints of herbaceous characteristics. The palate displays beautiful kiwifruit and tangy green apple flavour on the palate

Stockists:  Sainsburys

Meridian Peanut Butters

(Launching 30th January)

Deliciously nutty in taste and texture, our natural peanut butters are packed with nutrients which make them the healthy choice to enjoy as a simple spread or use in a variety of vegan recipes.

Every jar is crammed with 100% nuts, or just have a pinch of sea salt added, and absolutely nothing else. We roast the whole peanut in their skins and either crush them to achieve the perfect crunch or grind them until almost (but not quite) smooth.

Meridian Vitamin C Smooth Peanut Butter with Blackcurrant, £2.20 (160g)

Containing blackcurrant for a Vitamin C boost and with a delicious berry flavour, this spread helps contribute to the normal function of the immune system to support the body’s natural defences, helping to avoid feeling run down. Perfect on sliced apples or served with yoghurt. 

Meridian High Fibre Smooth Peanut Butter with Chicory Root Fibre, £2.20 (160g)

Containing the prebiotic fibre, chicory root inulin, this new addition to shop shelves adds 30% more fibre than a jar of Meridian’s standard peanut butter, supporting all-important gut wellbeing.  Deliciously good on porridge or straight from the jar.

Meridian Energy Release Smooth Peanut Butter with Oat Fibre, £2.20 (160g)

Containing oat fibre, vitamins, and minerals to help convert nutrients into vital energy, this spread contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Top your toast with this spread or add it in your smoothie for a boost of energy whenever you need it.

Buy here.

Green Cuisine Fishless Fingers 

Coated in crunchy breadcrumbs and filled to the brim with crisp white rice flakes, these fish-free fingers are a source of protein and omega 3. They also contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Grill from frozen for 13 minutes and you’re ready, sailor!

Available from Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA.

Green Cuisine Meat-Free Burgers

These barbecue-worthy beauties are mouth-wateringly juicy, just like the real thing. Made up of a delectable herb and spice mix, providing protein, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass, and carefully selected peas to create pea protein. Ready in a jiffy, after only 15 minutes in the oven.

Green Cuisine Meat-Free Meatballs

A game changing ingredient formed from a pea protein blend and mixed with herbs and spices before being lightly fried, to become a deep, delicious brown. Rich in protein, which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass, and a key source of iron, these soy-free sensations can be oven cooked in just 15 minutes.

Available from Morrison’s, Tesco, Sainsburys, Ocado.

Seabloom Olive Oil ‘Tuna-Free’ Flakes

Conjuring up images of aquamarine seas and al fresco dining, a drizzle of olive oil adds the sunny, savoury flavours of the Med, the Seabloom Olive Oil ‘Tuna-Free’ Flakes are a delicious complement to salads, pasta, or pizza. 

Stockist: Ocado.

Seabloom Lemon ‘Tuna-Free’ Flakes

Brightening your taste buds with zingy, fresh lemon zest and a tuna-like texture, the Seabloom Lemon ‘Tuna-Free’ Flakes are a must for dishes like salads, ‘fish free’ cakes, tacos, and lighter pasta dishes. 

Stockist: Ocado.

Moving Mountains® No Chicken Nuggets 

As the products are so comparable to real chicken, Moving Mountains are rallying for people to help give Chickens Veganuary off through a campaign which bringing to life what Hens could do with some time off this January. Aligned with the launch, Moving Mountains Foods has teamed up with The British Hen Welfare trust for Veganuary; to give the chickens Veganuary off, per chicken saved by consumers choosing Moving Mountains Chicken products, £1 will be donated to the trust. Therefore, the more products purchased from Sainsburys and Ocado, the more chickens can be rescued by both the BHWT and by making a switch. The unique partnership with The British Hen Welfare Trust will see Moving Mountains donate £1 for every chicken saved to the charity. The British Hen Welfare Trust believes all hens deserve to enjoy a natural lifestyle which includes space to roam on open pasture, enjoyment of fresh air and sunshine – something Moving Mountains is rallying for through their campaign encouraging people to give chickens Veganuary off!

Available on Ocado, The Moving Mountains® No Chicken Nuggets are a plant-based sensation. Tender and crunchy, our irresistible chicken nuggets are a deliciously dippable treat that you (and the planet) will love. A succulent and delicious alternative to chicken these No Chicken Nuggets are also high in protein and cholesterol free. Perfect on their own as a snack, or pair with tomato sauce and fries for an indulgent serve. 

Moving Mountains® No Chicken Burgers 

As the products are so comparable to real chicken, Moving Mountains are rallying for people to help give Chickens Veganuary off through a campaign which bringing to life what Hens could do with some time off this January. Aligned with the launch, Moving Mountains Foods has teamed up with The British Hen Welfare trust for Veganuary; to give the chickens Veganuary off, per chicken saved by consumers choosing Moving Mountains Chicken products, £1 will be donated to the trust. Therefore, the more products purchased from Sainsburys and Ocado, the more chickens can be rescued by both the BHWT and by making a switch. The unique partnership with The British Hen Welfare Trust will see Moving Mountains donate £1 for every chicken saved to the charity. The British Hen Welfare Trust believes all hens deserve to enjoy a natural lifestyle which includes space to roam on open pasture, enjoyment of fresh air and sunshine – something Moving Mountains is rallying for through their campaign encouraging people to give chickens Veganuary off!

Available on Ocado and in Sainsburys, The Moving Mountains No Chicken Burger is a plant-based sensation. Crunchy, tender, and southern style spiced. These irresistible no chicken burger is an indulgent treat that you (and the planet) will love. A perfect alternative to chicken the No Chicken Burger is also high in protein and cholesterol free. Stack up your burger with lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo, and spicy buffalo sauce for an epic chicken burger serve.

The Groovy Food Company Light Amber & Mild Agave Nectar

This light amber & mild agave nectar is a tongue-jinglingly delicious, sweeter than a honey-bee’s breakfast, 100% organic, natural fat-free sweetener. Where you What’s more it has 25% less calories gram for gram, than refined sugar, also being 1.5 times sweeter.  So to achive the same sweetness, 50% less calories are used.  With its naturally low GI, it provides slow and steady energy release, as opposed to refined sugars which can cause frantic high and exhausting lows.

Every bottle contains 50% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable.

RRP £2.50 – available to buy from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Holland and Barrett and Amazon

Matcha range at Bird & Blend Tea Co.

The UK’s first and largest selection of tea powders, including Japanese Matcha green tea powder and caffeine free tea powder!  All Bird & Blend Matcha and tea powders are ground to the highest specifications, to ensure every cup is full with the goodness you’d expect from the base ingredients, just with extra flavour…

For an energising boost, packed full of goodness and to fire drinkers through the cold months and keep the, going well in to the new year, Bird & Blend recommends any of its Matcha powders, which include the following flavours ; Lemon Matcha, Mermaid Matcha and Black Magic Matcha

The full range is here:  Matcha flavours

Modern Milkman Oat drink (green and gold top)

Oato is the original oat based dairy alternative in a reusable glass bottle. It’s deliciously creamy and works just like dairy milk, whether that’s in your coffee, tea or cereal. Made in Lancashire by Oato, it uses 100% British oats and is packed with vitamins including calcium, D3 (vegan), B12, B2 and iodine. Just give it a good shake before using. Who knew being sustainable could be so tasty? 

Buy here.

Modern Milkman Yockenthwaite real oaty porridge

Yockenthwaite Farm takes the ‘groats’ – the wholegrain oat which includes the fibre-rich outer portion and the centre – and freshly roll them to order with no additional cooking or steaming to retain the natural oils and flavours. That’s why they make such creamy and delicious porridge. Try them with our creamy oat drink for oats² (oats squared)! The packaging is made with cellulose, sourced from renewable wood starch, and contains no plastic whatsoever.

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Modern Milkman Cold-pressed Fruit Juice Bundle

Full of deliciously nutritious fruity flavours, our Flawsome! drinks bundle saves seven-and-a-half apples, 45 chokeberries and five strawberries from being wasted. 

Packaged in return-for-recycling glass bottles 
Our cold-pressed fruit juices arrive in returnable glass bottles, which you can leave for us to collect and properly recycle. Once you’ve enjoyed every last delicious drop, just rinse your empties and leave them on your doorstep. 

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Modern Milkman 2 Vegan dark chocolate brownies

We think we can all agree on this – everyone deserves a little brownie in their life. That’s why we have our delicious vegan brownies available for your milkround, so you can enjoy a gooey, decadent brownie without dairy, eggs, or any other animal product.  These brownies have been tried, tested, and perfected to create a vegan recipe that doesn’t skimp on flavour. Don’t believe us? Give them to one of your non-vegan friends – they won’t know the difference! Rise and shine to vegan brownies delivered in paper bags – because there’s no need for pesky plastic! Enjoy your chocolatey brownie knowing you’re doing your part to help the planet.  

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HAPPi Oat Milk Chocolate

For plant-based chocolate lover’s choose HAPPi, a range of delicious and creamy oat milk chocolate that can be enjoyed as bars, nibbles, buttons or hot chocolate.

Available from Amazon and Holland & Barratt.


For a quick, on the go snack, choose The Protein Ball Co.’s protein + vitamin balls. 100% natural, no added sugar and packed with fibre, there are six vegan flavours to choose from.

Available from Morrisons and Ocado.


For a quick, 60-second, nutrition, fibre, protein and vitamin packed breakfast, choose The Great British Porridge Co. 100% natural and with no added sugar, all five flavours are vegan and provide all the nutrition you need to get a great start to the day. Available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.

RAMONA’S houmous and falafel

The perfect protein & fibre packed choice for easy vegan snacks and meals. Buy from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Ocado.

Cypressa Pastes & Tapenades

Add flavour to meal times with Cypressa’s range of pastes and tapenades that can be stirred into sauces, on toast or pitta or used in pasta dishes. 


Vegan cookie dough ready to bake? What could be better? Choose from delicious flavours such as Vegan Double Chocolate and Chunky Oat Chocolate Chip. Available from

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