Why You Should Follow One Million People in the UK & Stop Smoking for a Better Future

Why You Should Follow One Million People in the UK & Stop Smoking for a Better Future

The coronavirus impacted a lot of lives around the world. While most of them lost jobs, homes, businesses, families, money, and time, many people had an advantage handed to them during the pandemic.

Governments, media, and social media around the world made people aware of the fact that the virus affects the lungs. A little while into the pandemic, the experts found out that smokers were at a higher risk of contracting the virus than non-smokers.

That is why people started to swear off tobacco cigarettes by the masses. According to BBC, over a million people around the United Kingdom have quit smoking cigarettes during the coronavirus pandemic. It is estimated that the young generation was quicker at kicking the habit, and also did it at a more significant number when compared with older smokers.

According to BBC, the organisation Action on Smoking and Health carried out an analysis with University College London and found out that a further 440,000 people have been trying to quit smoking.

Now, if you are still smoking cigarettes or trying to quit, here is something to help.

Why Should You Quit Smoking?


Your health should be among the important things to you. As a smoker, the most significant step you can take to better your health is to quit smoking. Your body can start to repair itself as soon as you stop smoking.


Smoking cigarettes is not a cheap hobby. You might be spending around £150 every single month to buy cigarettes, or more depending on how much you smoke. That can easily cost you around £1,800 in a year. If you are the kind of person that likes to save, just put the money on a healthier hobby or in your savings.


Smoking is becoming challenging as more and more places are banning smoking indoors. That means you might not be able to light a cigarette at a pub, restaurant, hotel, or other public sites. That means you will have to step out and have a smoke even if it’s snowing, raining, freezing, or hot.

Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Better Heart Health

The tobacco in your cigarettes contains nicotine and harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide. These can pump your heart up and increase your blood pressure; both of these things are really bad.

But within the first 24 hours of your quitting, your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood circulation will start to improve.

Improved Senses of Smell and Taste

Nicotine and many other harmful chemicals in cigarettes can flatten out your taste buds and reduce the vascularity that promotes nerve responses. That vascular restriction results in an impaired sense of smell.

Within the first 48 hours of you quitting cigarettes altogether, you will start to experience a development in your senses of smell and taste. Over the next few weeks, it will continue to get better.

Better Lung Function

You may already be aware that the hot smoke that you inhale from the cigarettes burns your air passageways and your lungs. Other than that, the carbon monoxide levels in your lungs are also higher than normal when you are regularly smoking.

But after a couple of days, your lung function will slowly start to improve. It may take a few months or years for it to be almost as good as new. The rate at which your lungs heal depends on how badly they are affected.

Having Difficult In Quitting Smoking? Trying a Modern Method

If you have tried the patches, gums, hypnosis tapes, and just about everything else in the book, but nothing is working, then you should try a modern method.

Vaping is originally intended for smokers to help them quit. You can find quality vape kits online and purchase their juices at varying nicotine levels. You can start by taking the amount of nicotine that your cigarettes have and slowly lower it. Over a few weeks, your body may become nicotine-free.

A really attractive thing about vapes is the range of flavours that you can try. While you are in the vapes, try to taste as many delicious flavours as you can with your device.

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