10 Master bedroom wall accent ideas

10 Master bedroom wall accent ideas

The feature wall is still with us and still going strong. It’s the best way to include a strong colour, bold pattern or daring design without overwhelming a room, so it is likely to be with us for some time to come.

If you want a wall accent but aren’t sure which direction to take it, we can help. We have a selection of 10 curated ideas designed to deliver a stunning master bedroom as well as a design statement.

Nature wallpaper or mural

Bringing nature into a bedroom can help you feel calmer and help encourage a good night’s sleep.

Whether you use a nature-inspired wallpaper or full-size mural it’s up to you.

The only thing we would say is to invest in quality. Cheaper wallpapers and especially cheaper murals don’t deliver the impact you’re looking for.

If you invest anywhere in a bedroom, it’s here!

Copper wall panel

Copper wall panels not only look amazing, they are also a quick and easy way to cover large areas of wall. They come as sheets and can be cut to any size or shape and even have plug socket holes cut into them.

You can then fix them to the wall with adhesive and use them as wall sheets, wall tiles, add innovative shapes and generally exercise your creativity as you see fit.

Wood accent wall

Wood accent walls have been around a little while and deliver an excellent option for a wall accent.

They have the added benefit of providing a little sound insulation too, ideal for noisy neighbours or the kids.

Use offcuts, old wooden pallets or textured floorboards. There is a lot of choice in terms of colours, textures and layouts. It’s also a DIY project that most of us can do! You may also go with quote stencils, wall decals, or wallpaper. For stencils, A Maker’s Studio is highly recommended.

Textured wallpaper

Textured wallpaper is a great wall accent idea for any room, including a master bedroom. You have lots of design freedom in terms of colour and design as well as texture.

Go classic with take wall panel wallpaper or embossed velvet or a more imaginative or adventurous design.

Whatever you do, choice is definitely not something you’re short of with this type of design.

Chalkboard wall

A chalkboard wall may be more often associated with a kitchen or children’s room, but we have seen it used effectively in master bedrooms too.

Granted, it’s usually by artists or creatives, but if you can draw, it’s an option to add playfulness to your bedroom.

Chalk paints are plentiful and effective and, as long as the wall is prepared carefully, should provide decent coverage and the chance for a little creativity too.

Wood panelling

Despite being a decoration trend that’s been around for hundreds of years, wood panelling is back. Use contemporary shapes and colours and you can enjoy a classic look with a modern twist.

Wood panelling can also add modest sound insulation and help cover up old or poor quality walls too. It will take a little DIY to create, but using simple tools and materials, you can create a realistic panelled wall that doesn’t cost all that much to create.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking has to be done carefully and with a strong eye on colour, shape and detail. But it’s also a cheap and accessible wall accent idea.

Use masking tape, a little imagination and a selection of colours and you could have something amazing in an afternoon.

Colour and shape choice is key. Use a colour wheel to decide whether to contrast or complement and block the wall out using masking tape.

Paint the sections, allow to dry and carefully peel the tape. Simple!

Gallery wall

A gallery wall is another very effective accent wall suitable for a master bedroom. If you have a large collection of photographs or paintings, you could easily create a gallery wall to provide interest that keeps on giving.

Try to use different size and shape frames and mix and match positions so it looks organic.

Don’t be afraid to mix up frame types, styles and colours either, as there are no rules here.

Exposed brick

Another timeless classic is still working hard in bedrooms across the country. Exposed brick or stone can look amazing as long as the quality of the brick or stone is up to the task.

You can face a wall with thin strips of stone or brick but you have to be exceptionally careful to choose good quality.

Otherwise, if your wall has bricks in good condition, brush them up a little, tidy the mortar and you have a feature wall right there!

Supersized headboard

There’s absolutely nothing to say a feature wall has to be a wall at all. We have seen a few interior designs where a headboard has been supersized to take up a lot of the wall behind the bed and become a feature in itself.

This is a quick and easy way to add wow factor with very few DIY skills. Keep the wall behind simple and a complementary finish and let the headboard to the work. Accessorise to suit and you have a great look for very little effort.

Those are 10 imaginative feature wall ideas for a master bedroom. Whatever your taste or your style, there’s sure to be something here you’ll love!

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