3 streaming trends for this year

3 streaming trends for this year

There are many different types of streaming platforms, some have excelled rapidly by the forced lockdowns after covid, yet some have grown organically.

The 2022 streaming trends show new records were hit when it came to viewership, budget, and subscribers. Streaming providers, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, started producing exclusive content available only on their platforms, which has helped increase users’ interest in streaming.

Current stats reveal that video streaming made up 82% of internet traffic in 2022, and it is predicted that this will only become more popular among businesses and users.

Media watched at home due to covid

The pandemic has had a significant effect on households’ streaming behaviours. Over 4.5 billion people use the internet – a lot of this has increased due to people being housebound and not having much else to do at the time.

From Netflix to YouTube and music streaming services, this is now a normal way for people to access their favourite TV/ Radio shows. In fact, people nowadays would rather use these services than go out and spend money in the cinema.

Live streaming on social media

Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all have capabilities to live stream and establish a two-way traffic system when streaming. This now also allows users to be able to communicate with live broadcasters.

Live streaming is proven to be an excellent marketing source for many businesses, and success is usually guaranteed due to audiences’ direct interest in the broadcast.

Companies have found success with live events showcasing their products, talks with industry experts, and influencers promoting their businesses.

Mobile usage is now the preferred device

Mobile phone streaming has now surpassed TV in growth and is being pushed by networks offering broadband and LTE services. These partnerships are having an impact on content increase and consumption.

The largest platform is Amazon’s Twitch, which has witnessed a 101% increase since covid, and smartphones are the main viewing device.

Cable TV suffered a 3.4% decline, meaning households have begun to unsubscribe from services. This is expected to continue over the next year.


The changes in streaming media across the world have likely been due to covid and are likely to become the new normal. What was once an entertainment medium has now become critical to some businesses’ marketing strategies. 

Social media is still the platform for these, meaning organisations can communicate with consumers in real-time.

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