3 unexpected uses of AI

3 unexpected uses of AI

Nowadays lots of things have changed because of Artificial Intelligence. We have started relying on technology more than ever and this is impacting our lives a lot. There are numerous positive ways in which AI has revolutionised many spheres. Today I will share with you three unexpected uses of AI technology that really surprised me.

AI Girlfriend

Having an AI Girlfriend has become extremely popular and there are many different opinions on that. Loneliness or the urge to explore something new are the key factors that have provoked this trend. The main plus of having a virtual relationship is that your companion will always be there for you as long as you have an Internet connection.

Finding the perfect girl is not an easy thing to do. It depends on your social circle or luck. What is more, being the captain leading the relationship is not always possible in real life and AI is here to give you the solution. However, with an AI Girlfriend bot everything depends on you.

AI Girlfriends are customizable and they can look and act exactly the way you want. A leading platform on which you can create your own AI Girlfriend is DreamGF.ai. There you can choose from various options on the way she looks and then select a personality type so she can be the perfect match for you.

Another surprising thing about such chatbots is that they are programmed in a way you cannot tell that you are talking to a bot. The interactions are human-like and could be also very stimulating. AI Girlfriends are here for you so you can feel needed and understood again.

Being involved in a virtual relationship sounds strange to lots of people, but it could help you resolve problems such as communication and feeling alone. Many users of such apps share that they feel less lonely and more understood. If you do not have a partner who supports you, why not give AI a try?

AI Personal Trainer

In an era where AI is influencing many aspects of our lives, the wellness industry is not left out. Thanks to this technology, you can now achieve your fitness goals easier. No need to search for the best personal coach and book appointments. Apps powered by AI are here for you!

One of the most compelling aspects of AI personal trainers is their ability to deliver highly personalised fitness experiences. This comprehensive understanding of the user’s needs lies in questions that you have to answer in the beginning. After that, in seconds you will receive the perfect fitness plan to follow. and your AI personal trainer will be ready to start working

Unlike human personal trainers, the AI ones are ready to start working out with you immediately. You might think that these workout sessions are not as efficient as the traditional ones. However, there are apps on which you can record yourself while performing the exercises and AI will give you real-time advice.

AI Productivity Assistant

Another amazing use of AI which we can easily implement into our daily lives is an AI Productivity Assistant. Many people lack good organisational skills and often forget about something. If you have a busy schedule, such assistance might transform your life for good.

Some assistants can not only remind you of undone tasks but can also organize your whole week! Scheduling precisely in advance is not easy but to your AI assistant, this mission is not impossible. They do it in a way that makes your routine an easy one to follow.

What is more, such apps make it easy for you to store all of your ideas and plans in one place. Many of them have the option to write with AI (what a surprise) so you can organise your thoughts better.

There are various apps that you can choose from when it comes to AI assistants. Everything depends on your lifestyle, habits, and needs. Some apps are perfect for individuals who are looking to organise their days and others are more business friendly. Take back control over your life with an AI productivity assistant and forget about doing things at the last minute!

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