4 Ways To Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

4 Ways To Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

Appearance is everything in the world of business. You might have the best business model, the best team, and be the most experienced business within your industry for miles around, but without looking the part, attracting even more customers will continue to be a struggle for you compared to a less experienced business with quality marketing and promotional materials. Luckily, even for someone who doesn’t have an interest in marketing, there are some very simple ways to give your business a much more professional look to encourage growth and further success.

Improve Your Branding

The chances are, when you started your business, you’ll have at least set up a basic logo and tag line. You may have decided that it was just a placeholder but after a few years you might not have gotten around to changing it. While you may be worried that changing your brand now will be detrimental, the sooner you do it the better. One of the most important things for a business is branding and having a poor-quality logo is not going to help your business. You don’t have to completely rebrand your company but hiring a professional to update your logo with more artistic flair and professionalism is a great step towards improving the overall look of your company.

Create A Uniform

Another great option is to create a uniform for you and your team to wear. Utilising your newly updated branding, you can decide on a complete uniform for your staff including shirts, trousers and sweaters, as well as branding on your profession-specific accessories like toolbelts and bags, depending on what industry you’re in. Initially, you’ll at least want some quality shirts with your logo on which you can get via companies like Screen Textiles. For a professional, yet subtle appearance, we highly recommend using their services to have your logo embroidered onto your choice of apparel. This can help your employees to really look the part and over time, your brand will begin to look much more recognisable.

Set Up Professional Contact Details

When setting up your company, you’ll have listed your contact details somewhere, whether it’s on your website, social media, or via Google. If you did this using your personal contact details such as a mobile phone number and home address, this could look very amateurish. Change this using a dedicated professional phone number using a separate line. You can always redirect calls to your work phone or hire someone to manage calls and tackle other admin-related tasks.

Level Up Your Socials

The appearance of your social media platforms and your website are key to looking more professional. These things dominate the world of marketing today, and whenever a customer is searching for the services or products you provide, they’ll use the internet to do so. If they are then directed towards your site or social accounts, and those accounts don’t look properly taken care of, both in terms of design and management, the chances are they’re going to look elsewhere at one of your competitors. It’s highly recommended that you have social media manager that is dedicated to taking care of creating content for your social accounts and interacting with customers. This will show your customers that you care about their input and response to your services and that your company has the expertise to handle this important aspect.

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