5 Tips for Accessorising Like a Stylist

5 Tips for Accessorising Like a Stylist

Accessorizing often means more than the clothes that you wear. Therefore, if you want to look super stylish, it’s important to choose appropriate accessories that will enhance your outfit. So if you’re struggling with coming up with a perfect outfit combo, here are some tips that will show you the power of accessorizing, that will help you master this skill like a professional stylist.

1. Be mindful of the occasion 

This is the first step toward achieving an amazing look. If you’re aiming for a truly fashionable look, then it’s important to adjust your clothes and accessories to the occasion. For example, if you’re attending a formal event, then it’s best to opt for minimalist jewellery and simple clothes. If you combine everything well, you’ll look your best without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. On the other hand, going to a party or a concert is a great chance to showcase your creativity, so feel free to experiment with interesting pieces!

2. Pair bold with neutral 

This is the sure way to make your outfit pop. Bold accessories exist to draw attention and accentuate the positives. Neutrals are the complete opposite: they keep everything balanced and in check. Besides, bold accessories and neutral outfits are a perfect combination as they give you more freedom to experiment. For example, a simple pair of blue jeans and a white tee allow you to add bold accessories such as colourful statement necklaces, fun-looking prescription glasses or even oversized sunglasses. 

3. Pick a statement accessory piece

Sometimes, relying on too many accessories can create an overwhelming final result. Plus, if you’re not someone who wears too many of them, it might be tricky to find a perfect combination of hats, gloves, or jewellery pieces. In that case, a statement accessory piece is a perfect solution. For example, if you want to add a new layer to your simple, monochromatic outfit, then consider interesting accessories such as cowhide bags, as they’re fun enough to spruce up any outfit. A statement accessory piece such as a bag or a straw bucket hat can add a lot to your outfit.

4. Remember to edit

Editing is a crucial moment. Famous Coco Chanel once said: “Before you leave your house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This is definitely true, and editing is the way to make that happen. This means that accessories don’t have to dominate our entire outfit. The clothes you wear should also be noticeable and important. Hence, if you wear a hair clip, sunglasses, chunky bracelets, necklaces, rings, and Jewlr, chances are that it can be a bit overwhelming to the eye, not to mention your personal comfort. Removing one or two items can make a huge difference. 

5. Don’t be afraid to personalize

Accessories are beautiful, but so is personal expression. You don’t need to buy new accessories and wear them off the rack. Of course, that is perfectly fine. But, adding a bit of a personal touch can go a long way. Let’s say you’ve inherited a ring from your beloved grandmother. Turning it into a necklace can be a very original way to keep the memory close while having a new and unique accessory piece. Also, using bleach or quality fabric dye can transform old or plain clothing pieces such as tees, hoodies, and scarves. Keep in mind that each accessory item should reflect your personality, creativity, and preferences in a way that looks stylish. 

Knowing how to accessorise cleverly can help you look your best. In case you prefer chunky, statement jewellery, then remember that less is always more. The same goes for bags, hats, and scarves. Combining neutral and bold is also a great way to look stylish and balanced. 

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