6 Tanning Tips Every Beginner Should Know 

6 Tanning Tips Every Beginner Should Know 

Many people love getting tanned but getting the perfect tan skin is an art. We all want our tan to look natural, a healthy glow, which will make us feel great. The best way to get tanned is basking under the sun without sunscreen until you get your perfect glow. However, today you will find tanning beds that offer excellent results and are much easier to master. 

Whether you want your golden glow for your well-deserved holiday or to show off your perfect tans at that pool party. A tan can boost your confidence and make you feel great! To help enhance your experience, we have listed some vital tanning tips that will help beginners get their perfect healthy glow. 

Shower and Exfoliate 

One of the first steps every beginner should take is to shower and exfoliate your skin at least 24-48 hours prior. It is important that your body is properly exfoliated because dry and dead skin can prevent you from achieving a smooth and even tan. 

Before visiting the tanning bed, ensure that your skin is clean from these dry cells and hair. Another reason you should do it a few days or 12 hours in advance is so that your pores can close up completely. If you use keratin treatment for your hairstyle and are wondering how often you can use them, check this guide by Instraight. 

Choose the Right Salon 

As a beginner, you must learn to choose the right tanning salon that meets your needs. The best thing to do is speak to people who have already experienced tanning beds from a particular place. Doing so will give you insight into the service offered and the effectiveness of the tanning beds. 

If not, visit a few salons in your city and ask questions about their beds, check staff knowledge, and of course, the hygiene regime of the salon. By following these few steps, you can narrow down your options to choose the best one that works well with your budget. 

What to Wear

Before you start your tanning session, a few essential steps will ensure you have a good experience. Firstly, you must strip off all your watches, jewelry, makeup, deodorant, etc. Then you strip off your clothes to your comfort level since most tanning rooms are secure and private. 

If you choose to go nude at the tanning bed, make sure that you cover your sensitive areas, which are usually not exposed to the sun. Along with this, make sure that you are protecting your eyes at all costs since the UV rays emitted can be harmful. 

Use Tanning Lotion 

The next best tip we can give is to apply a good amount of tanning lotion before you enter the machine. Using the right lotion will ensure you get the perfect glow and intensify the tanning treatment. Since you are doing this for the first time, you should ask people for suggestions or use the small sachets offered at the salon. 

The function of these lotions is to absorb the light faster and extend the effects of the tanning bed. It also works towards hydrating your skin, protecting it from UV rays. Finding the right lotion for your skin may take time, but it is absolutely worth it.

Learn to Use the Bed

Each salon is different, so always ask the staff for a demonstration before you try anything. Learning to use tanning beds will also allow you to expose every part of your body to the UV rays and get an even tan. With some types of tanning equipment, you can choose from five levels of UV tanning, so understanding how they work is also important for getting the best tan for you. 

Each salon is different, so always ask the staff for a demonstration before you try anything. Learning to use tanning beds will also allow you to expose every part of your body to the UV rays and get an even tan. 

After Care 

Once you are done with your session, it is important to keep your skin hydrated as a cooling effect. You can use a regular moisturizer or opt for a tan extender lotion that works wonders for you. 

With the tan-extending lotion, you can easily maximize the effects of the tanning machine and have glowing skin for as long as possible. Along with your lotion, make sure you drink a lot of water so your skin stays hydrated even after the lotion has rubbed off. 

Final Words

These are some tanning tips that every beginner needs before they head out for their first tan session. To further enhance your tanning session, feel free to listen to music or podcasts while you dwell under these warm bulbs. 

By following the above methods, I’m sure you will have an excellent time; if you have any questions, do leave them in your comments below. Now that you have learnt the art of tanning, you may even consider opening your own salon that meets the needs of the people, you can grow your tanning salon business with these tips. 

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