All the Ways a Fun Bicycle Ride Could Turn into a Disaster

All the Ways a Fun Bicycle Ride Could Turn into a Disaster

Bicycle accidents are common in the U.S. For example, 2021 recorded 961 cyclist deaths, an increase from 846 in 2020.

Victims can hire a bicycle accident attorney who can secure fair compensation for their injuries and other losses. A good lawyer will be helpful, especially in battling strong defenses or when you’re partially liable as a cyclist.

In this article, we’ll review the possible ways bicycle accidents can happen. Read on to also discover various causes of bicycle accidents.

Major Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Here are the major reasons for the increasing cases of bicycle accidents:

Vehicles Over speeding

Speeding among motor vehicle drivers is a common cause of bicycle accidents, which usually result in severe personal injuries. Also, a speeding cyclist may be unable to stop at the right time, thus increasing collision risks with motorists. 

Unavoidable Circumstances and Distractions

Distractions such as sending or reading messages on the phone while cycling may cause bicycle accidents.

A distracted cyclist diverts attention from the road and reduces reaction time, increasing the probability of accidents.

Mechanical Failure

Some mechanical failures could also result in bicycle accidents. For example:

  • Brake failure in motor vehicles or your bicycle.
  • Faulty tires lead to loss of direction. Also, a tire can blow and result in sudden collisions or falls.
  • Steering wheel lock: A failing steering can cause a loss of direction or prevent you from effortlessly swerving. Worst-case scenarios can happen when trying to evade an oncoming vehicle. 

Not Adhering to Traffic Regulations

Failure to observe traffic signs and rules leads to confusion amongst other motorists/cyclists. For example, most accidents between bicycles and cars happen at intersections due to people neglecting road rules.

Cyclists and drivers who disregard traffic signals put themselves and other motorists in danger.

Poor Road conditions

Severe weather conditions damage roads and pathways. Roads can get worse to the point where they become dangerous to the users. Unroadworthy situations include:

  • Potholes
  • Loose junk and debris on the road
  • Dysfunctional street lights
  • Broken traffic lights

Drivers Undermining Cyclists

Most motorists don’t give way to cyclists and usually assume they are the only people with the right of way. As a cyclist, be aware of such drivers and always stay in your lane.

Situations When Bicycle Accidents Occur

So, what are the situations leading to gruesome bicycle accidents? Read on for more details:

Collisions with Motorists

Collisions with motorists, especially when both parties are speeding, can be gruesome. This may be due to abrupt turns, lane changes, or an attempt to overtake vehicles on a highway.

Other situations include:

  • Collision with truck accidents.
  • When drivers unexpectedly open their doors.
  • Crashing with a speeding motorbike.

Falling on Rocky Paths

Apart from potholes, you can get into an accident when riding in rocky areas. The incidents are usually due to uneven ground leading to slips. Your injuries might depend on your speed or the general terrain of the terrain of the area.

Falling into a Ditch

There are situations when a cyclist veers off the road or lane and drives into a ditch, pit or trench. Also, there can be a ditch due to road construction, and when not barricaded, it can result in unexpected injuries.

Therefore, don’t overspeed, especially on unfamiliar roads and areas. Also, watch for ‘people at work’ signs.

Prevention Measures

If you’re wondering how you can protect yourself, here are some tips you can apply as a cyclist:

  • Get reliable protective gear. You should at all times wear a helmet, reflective clothing, and knee and elbow guards. A helmet ensures you don’t get severe head injuries.
  • Maintain your lane. Always use your lane, and you’ll be out of reach from rogue drivers and other road users.
  • Slow down when nearing intersections.
  • Ride carefully around pedestrians.


Therefore, cyclists are more at risk than other road users. To enjoy your daily bicycle rides, follow the tips mentioned above and wear protective gear at all times.

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