APEMAN Projector LC650

APEMAN Projector LC650

When looking for a home projector, there are quite a few available on the market. After much research we stumbled across the APEMAN Projector LC650.

With full HD native resolution, 6000 lumens and a 300 inch maximum screen size with low noise level and a dual speaker – we feel we’ve hit the jackpot here.

Its nice looking – premium not flimsy – and comes with an AV and HDMI cable and its own remote control.

It’s a portable projector – one built for home and professional use. You can connect any device to it such as a smart phone, game console, laptop and usb stick. This means you can play games or watch a movie on a big 300 inch screen. On the flip side you can give presentations at work in the best detail possible.

On the bottom you will find rubber feet as well as tripod or Cillian mount, so the choice is yours as to how you use this.

There is no control panel on projector, but you don’t really need it if you have a remote control.

The LC650 has XY axes electric Keystone correction. You can adjust the Keystone correction with remote control.

The sound quality is very important for home theater. LC650 has good built in speakers, so the good news is, you don’t need to connect external ones.

The maximum projection size of eight men else is LC650 is 300 inches. However, the manufacturer recommends to place a projector at a distance of 3.2 meters, so you will get 120 inch projection size.

The settings menu allows you to choose the picture mode, colour, temperature aspect, ratio, reduce display, photo source and LED temperature.

The colours are very bright. The picture is good even in a room which is light, which is great for offices.

We really like this projector and feel it is a good all rounder no matter what your intended use.

We used the APEMAN Projector LC650 in a outdoor home cinema setting which you can recreate by reading our article here > https://bouncemagazine.co.uk/lockdown-special-create-your-own-garden-outdoor-cinema/

To purchase see > https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B082TP8TMX

For more spec details see > https://www.apemans.com/product/24_26/117

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