Auricular acupuncture now offered at Weavers’ House Spa

Auricular acupuncture now offered at Weavers’ House Spa

At The Swan at Lavenham Hotel, Suffolk

Auricular acupuncture has now been added to the treatments offered by Weavers’ House Spa at The Swan at Lavenham Hotel.

This complementary wellness therapy combines the ancient practice of body acupuncture with the later findings by a French physician and his team in the 1950s. It uses fine sterile needles to stimulate points on the ear which correspond to other parts of the body, making it possible to treat both physical and mental health conditions.

Auricular acupuncture (auriculartherapy) can focus on either the Chinese or Western approach. Weavers’ use both blended together and carefully curated to offer a typical ‘Weavers’ experience’ combining a luxury sensory spa touch with traditional Chinese medicine.

The treatment is safe, simple and incredibly effective for many health issues from digestive and breathing difficulties to stress, anxiety and depression as well as menopausal concerns helping to restore the body’s balance.

Weavers’ Spa Director, Alex Hurt who has newly qualified as an Auricular Acupuncture Practitioner from the Yuan Traditional Chinese Medicine College said:

“We are experiencing extreme difficulties in getting healthcare appointments with our doctors for ailments that can be supported by complementary therapies. This inspired me to see how we can support our clients further with auricular acupuncture.”

Sense of wellbeing

Although single treatments are available, for the best results Weavers’ recommend a course of six treatments or more, as each session has an accumulative effect on the body providing a sense of ‘wellbeing’ which leads to a high state of relaxation and calm.

The first or a single treatment would be 90-minutes including a lengthy consultation. Further 60-minute sessions would be scheduled at regular intervals, dependant on each individual’s needs.

Treatments target the energy QI (pronounced chee), which flows around the body along pathways, also known as ‘meridians’. Combined with QI Gong meditation, it includes a massage for the scalp or feet with a choice from Tribe517’s three aromatherapy balms. The session can be accompanied by music, guided meditation or silence where you can be at peace with your thoughts.

Use of Weavers’ thermal suite, which includes a steam room, sauna, heated outdoor vitality pool and relaxation lounge, is only available before an auricular acupuncture session.

The first or single treatment is priced at £140 for 90-minutes. Further 60-minute treatments are £115 each with a 20% discount if a series of five or more are booked together. Group sessions are also available on request.

Some of Weavers’ clients have already experienced auricular acupuncture and been delighted with the results.

Before her course Cherelle had difficulty breathing, her skin was inflamed, she felt extremely tired taking daytime naps and her periods had pretty much stopped. “Every session was beneficial to me,” said Cherelle. “Slowly, I was feeling less tired, but there was one particular session which had a huge effect when I came away feeling very emotional. I now know that I was stuck in anxiety, stress and grief that I hadn’t processed. Fast forwarding to my final session, I can honestly say I feel a completely different person and back to the old me”. 

Fiona was very sceptical before starting her acupuncture journey with Alex but also felt intrigued as she had a few areas of concern being her lower back, tinnitus and ‘mild’ anxiety. “Around half way through the sessions I started to become more open minded and saw a difference in my mood, anxiety was reduced and I had a very positive mindset”, said Fiona. “The main improvement has been my lower back, I can honestly say I am amazed, I have not felt pain, aches or twinges even since my first session.  I really believe having auricular acupuncture has helped me in so many ways. I feel alive, energised, healthier and generally motivated. I cannot thank Alex enough for the treatment, talk therapy and for being heard”.

Auricular acupuncture was Connie’s first experience of a complementary therapy. “I wasn’t sure what to expect but I felt instantly at ease with Alex”, said Connie. “It took me a few sessions to understand the concept, which I believe has had a positive outcome on my mental health, I am thinking more positively rather than suppressing negative emotions.  Alex has a natural holistic ability and aura about her which makes offering this treatment to help others very natural to her”. 

To book an auricular acupuncture session call Weavers’ House Spa on 01787 246 246 or email [email protected]. For more details visit

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