Autumn Bedroom Makeover

Autumn Bedroom Makeover

By Rachel Ducker

Every now and then I like to change up my rooms, its good for keeping things clean, fresh and in keeping with the changing seasons. This month I partnered up with some of my favourite home brands to transform my master bedroom.

Mood Board

A mood board is a great way to gather your initial thoughts and ideas and to see if combinations and colours work together. I created a mood board of the kind of look I wanted to create for this bedroom makeover. Although I want the vibe to be autumnal – I don’t want reds, browns and oranges – (the colours that are all traditionally associated with autumn), so by using some cooler colours and warming the room up with textures will be key to keeping that cosy feel. I also wanted something that I could adapt for the next season so picking the right bed spread will be an essential in making this work.


Do you ever struggle with trying to find the right pillow? Well, I have a great find for you. This Otty bamboo pillow is like no other. Its memory foam texture allows you a comfy night sleep. It is also the first in the UK to have the antibacterial properties of charcoal and the power to eliminate odour, absorbs excess moisture, and regulate temperature. What more could you want from a pillow?


When I saw this Eucalyptus design on the Wallace Cotton website, I knew it was going to be the star of the show. Its leafy pattern fell into my “autumn” theme but as I also use a lot of Eucalyptus at Christmas it will be great to transcend into the winter too!

I love creating a masterpiece out of my bed by using large square pillow cases. As I have a high headboard which is quite a dominant feature in room, so the pillows soften the look. I always press my sheets before I put them on the bed, there is nothing quite like freshly pressed sheets to climb into, probably something I learnt from my mum!


Beds can look quite basic, until you start the layering process. Add a cushion (or a few), a knitted throw and some sheepskin yeti rugs, from Celtic and Co, to give lots of texture varieties and colour hues. I used grey to compliment the colours in the bed sheets. As they are soft, fluffy textures it warms the grey up.


I also have this fabulous waffle bedspread with matching square pillow cases from Dusk. These hide a multitude of sins (when the creases creep in) plus perfect for those lazy Sunday’s you just can’t be bothered to make the bed.


Nothing beats dressing the room and good accessories can make all the difference. You’re not just going for sight, you also need things that you can smell and feel. Candles are always a favourite of mine, I love the scents they come in, the look of the jar and the way they flicker at night.

This Lantern takes it that step further from Broste Copenhagen, it not only looks gorgeous in the room but fills it with speckled light when the candle is lit, adding another dimension to the room.

I also love my coffee in the morning so this coffee tray from Holder and Hook is just what I need, accompanied by a beautiful autumn themed mug from Quinn The Fox. I also keep a notepad next to my bed for those ideas that creep in during the night. Golds and oranges make a great warm accent colour when working with greys.

Finally, no room is complete without a floral arrangement. Showcased in this large stone vase from Broste Copenhagen, I used some dried flowers featuring Eucalyptus to pull out the patterns of the bed sheets and to add a little drama to my setting.


The finishing touches really do make all of the difference, when you add the layers and accessories you will notice the room really pulling together. I used some Nostara room mist as a final flourish of scent and the room was complete.

Why not check out my YouTube vide here to see exactly how I put all of this together –

Pillows –

Duvet –

Eucalyptus Duvet Set –

Eucalyptus Square Pillow Cases –

Bed Throw (knitted grey) –

Charcoal Bed Spread –

Charcoal Waffle Square Cushions –

Wooden Coffee Tray –

Notebook –

Mug –

Candle 1 –

Candle 2 –

Room Mist –

Hot Water Bottle –

Sheep Skin Yeti Rugs –

Large Vase –

Large Glass Vase –

Lantern ––lanterns/lantern-goran-bamboo-glass/c-105/p-10675/

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