BBQing Tips and Ideas for the New Year

BBQing Tips and Ideas for the New Year

The calendar has flipped into the new year, and your New Year’s resolutions may have included something like cooking more, making use of that barbecue you got for Christmas, hosting more get togethers with friends or healthy eating.

If at least one of those sounds like you, read on to discover BBQ cooking tips and ideas for the new year. From healthy eating, to embracing new flavours and equipment, you’re sure to discover something you’ll want to try out this year. With some of these ideas, you might even find yourself barbecuing in the middle of winter!

Must Have BBQ Equipment

Add Ons

New year, new grill! Enhance your cooking experience with add ons such as a grill basket, griddle, pizza stone or a rotisserie, if your barbecue is compatible. This will give you extra options of foods to cook that wouldn’t be possible on a standard barbecue grill.

Smart Tech

Perhaps you’re even after a brand new BBQ? Smart tech has been added to everything lately, and that includes barbecues too. You can now buy barbecues that offer features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to control the temperature via an app on your smartphone!

Choosing a Barbecue

Are you looking for a new machine? If so, what kind of barbecue do you want? Charcoal gives you classic flavour but might take a bit more patience and practice to get right, as it takes time to get things going and heat up. Whereas gas gives you better temperature control and might be better if you intend to cook during colder weather.

Hybrid will give you the best of both worlds, so it may be worth spending a bit extra for that. Alternatively, if you’ll be travelling, consider a portable model.

If grilling in winter, you’ll need to turn the heat up higher and for longer, so it might be a good idea to factor that in when choosing what type of barbecue you need.

BBQ Accessories

Don’t forget bbq accessories, you might want to refresh your existing tools with a new set, if they’re getting old and rusty. You may also want to improve your safety with some barbecue gloves and an apron, an LED light attachment so you can see the food better in low light, and brushes to keep your grill clean.

Equipment to Keep You Warm

To help you start your barbecue based New Year’s resolutions sooner, a fire pit or patio heater will help keep you and guests warm outside while you’re cooking.

New Flavours to Try This Year

Now that you’ve got all the equipment you need and are ready to start your cooking adventures, it’s time for some recipe ideas. How about embarking on a global flavour journey?

Korean BBQ

Try out some vibrant, savoury flavours of Korean BBQ on your grill. You can marinate meats, especially beef, in sauces such as gochujang.

Brazilian Feast

Churrasco is the Portuguese and Spanish name for grilled beef, which is prominent in Brazilian dishes. Serve with chimichurri sauce for an authentic South American experience.

Middle Eastern Delights

Create a shawarma dish with your choice of meat, whether it’s chicken, lamb, turkey or beef. Marinate the meat in a blend of Middle Eastern spices for an aromatic meal.

Mediterranean Extravaganza

Try out one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisines with a Greek souvlaki. Skewer marinated meats and vegetables, grill and serve with tzatziki sauce and warm pita.

Grilling Healthily

If one of your resolutions is to eat healthier and the other is to barbecue more, then the good news is that you can do both at the same time. Barbecues aren’t just for unhealthy treats!

Focus on lean proteins for your barbecue, grill meats such as skinless chicken breasts, turkey burgers and fish fillets. Chuck in a variety of colourful vegetables for a nutritious side or main dish. Experiment with marinades and sauces that don’t have too much sugar to find ones that work for you whilst maintaining a healthy balance. Fruits can also add extra flavour to both your barbecue food and your drinks.

Winter Recipes

In order to make sure you can get started on your cooking resolution straight away (and not forget about it by spring), cook some season appropriate meals.

Focus on hearty foods and flavours that will warm you up, such as smoky chili meat and meals that combine peppers. Why not try adding peppers to your mac and cheese? You could even stuff the peppers with cheese. Add jalapenos if you really want to feel some heat!

Final Thoughts

With these tips and ideas, you should be well on your way to enjoying fresh, healthy, and flavourful barbecued food for the year ahead. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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