Black Pudding & Braised Apples

Black Pudding & Braised Apples

Served hot in a shot glass with a flambé of cognac…

Mise en bouche for 10 people.


• Black pudding 450g

• Pink lady Apples 2 each

• Unsalted butter 10g

• Brandy/cognac 2 tbsp

• Salt and pepper to season.

• Oil for frying



• Buy the most common black pudding, (not the big diameter), and make 10 slices of 2mm of thickness. Deep fry the slices and let them cool down on a tissue paper.

• Cut the rest of the black pudding into 1cm cubes.

•Peel and score the apples, reserve 10 wedges on the side and cut the rest into cubes also.

• In a hot pan, melt the butter and pour and the sear the apples first including the wedges for 2 minutes, add the cubes of black pudding into the pan also and carry on cooking for another 2 minutes.

• Pour the Cognac into the pan and flambé then (be aware of your eyebrows!) Season to taste and arrange in small shot glasses.

• Garnish with the apples wedges and the fried slice of black pudding. Serve hot and enjoy!

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