Boohoo #Tomatogirl

Boohoo #Tomatogirl

Vacation season is here so we’re on the lookout for the next summer aesthetic we need to be wearing.

Move over coastal grandmothers and vanilla girls – with over 2 million views to date, the #TomatoGirl aesthetic has officially taken over our socials just in time for Euro summer. Don’t worry no Italian cooking classes needed but just creating a new style and leaving the Mediterranean dream.

Inspired by breezy Mediterranean days, a love for simplicity and generally embracing la dolce vita – think everything from floaty dresses to floral skirts and linen separates. Off the shoulder long or mini dress. Accessories include raffia pieces, patterned scarves, and vintage-inspired gold jewellery. A warm colour palette of earthy tones, whites, and reds takes inspiration from sun-soaked Italian streets, farmer market and dishes. Some vintage prints such as floral or gingham from your grandmother’s wardrobe could totally work.

We’ve hand-picked a selection of fresh-from-the-vine pieces perfect for living out your #TomatoGirl summer.

Sets :

Polka Dot dress :

Jumpsuit :

Printed green shirt :

Skater dress :

Caraco :

Shoes :

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