Boost your brand: Time-tested marketing strategies that still work today

Boost your brand: Time-tested marketing strategies that still work today

Anyone can start a business, but not everyone can keep a company afloat and turn it into a success. With so many enterprises crowding each market and niche, it’s becoming increasingly harder to catch consumers’ attention and ensure a profitable activity in the long run.  

Fortunately, businesses these days have a wide range of tools and channels at their disposal to promote their products and services and turn their venture into a solid brand that can compete with the toughest players in their respective industries. As such, there’s a plethora of marketing strategies that one could employ to stand out from the competition. But ironically enough this variety of options also makes it harder for companies to choose the marketing techniques that best fit their needs and could help them achieve their goals. 

In these modern times where everyone is focused on digital solutions, it can be easy to overlook old-school marketing methods and miss out on all the benefits they provide. So, even if we’re living in a tech-driven world, it’s worth going back to (or trying for the first time) some time-tested strategies that can boost your marketing efforts and help you build a strong brand for your business. 


Billboards rely on a simple yet extremely effective principle to grab people’s attention and make an impression: they’re big and bold and you can’t help but notice them. That’s how uncomplicated and straightforward these promotional venues are. 

Placed in strategic locations such as busy streets and highways, crowded intersections, city centres, or commercial spaces, billboards are a great way to bring your products/services in front of a broad audience, share your message, and build brand awareness, especially if you’re a local business who wants to target a specific area. Billboard advertising is also quite affordable compared to other promotional strategies, although costs vary based on several factors such as placement, size, format, design, and so on.  

Branded merchandise 

Imprinting the company’s logo, name, or message on a variety of items used to be a common marketing strategy that all businesses used back in the day, regardless of industry or niche. Time has passed and this technique has lost its popularity in favour of newer digital-based promotional methods. 

However, this doesn’t mean that branded merchandise is any less effective because it’s not as widespread anymore. In fact, statistics show that people who receive promotional products from a brand after making a purchase are 75% more likely to buy from that company again in the future. This goes to show that any type of branded merch from personalised pens to mugs, T-shirts, and everything in between, can serve as a powerful psychological trigger that can influence people’s behaviour and turn them into loyal customers. 

Email marketing

Email may not be the main marketing and communication channel for businesses anymore but it would be rather naïve and even reckless to think it’s obsolete and exclude it from your marketing strategy. While it’s true that people’s relationship with their inbox has changed over time, everyone still checks their electronic mail, so this is one of the most direct and simple methods to reach your current and potential customers.  

With email marketing, you can deliver personalized content, improve communication with your audience, collect feedback, create cost-effective campaigns, and build a loyal customer base that will stick around for years to come and ensure a consistent source of revenue for your business. 


Flyers represent another old-school promotional material that’s been used by everyone, from music bands to local shops. But are flyers still worth using in today’s digital age? The simple answer is yes, they are still as effective and practical as ever, so there’s no reason to shun them.

If you’re a small business and you’re trying to make your way into the market, handing flyers in the area where you operate can be a low-cost method to let your audience know you exist and make them notice you. While it’s no longer allowed to place flyers and leaflets in mailboxes, you can pass them out personally as a way to increase brand awareness and establish a more personal connection with customers.  


Everyone likes the idea of getting stuff for free, even if it’s just simple items and rewards like personalised tote bags, sample products, free shipping, coupons, and so on. Obviously, these freebies are not exactly free because while they might not imply any financial costs for participants, they do require them to do something to increase their chances of winning the prize, such as sharing the contest with other people or subscribing to the company’s newsletter. 

So, it’s a win-win for everyone: clients get the opportunity to earn things they don’t have to pay for and you get to create a lot of buzz around your brand, encourage engagement and increase your visibility. 

Radio-based advertising 

“Video killed the radio star,” says a popular song lyric, but radio-based advertising is still alive and kicking. Radio advertisements have maintained their relevancy throughout the years despite the stunning rise of podcasts and the emergence of new marketing mediums. 

People listen to the radio during their commutes or while they engage in different routine activities, so by creating and broadcasting radio ads you have the opportunity to extend your brand’s reach and deliver your message to a broad audience or tailor your marketing and target specific demographics.  

Final thoughts 

These marketing strategies have stood the test of time and they still work today, despite all the tech advancements and the digital transformation that the business world and our society as a whole has experienced over the years. So, mixing old-school marketing with newer techniques can be the recipe for success in the ever-changing business environment. 

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