Conquering Your Fear of the Dentists: A Brief Guide

Conquering Your Fear of the Dentists: A Brief Guide

Your oral health is incredibly important because it affects your ability to access nutrition. It also provides you with the ability to communicate with others. This is why looking after your teeth is important. One of the cornerstones of oral health is regular dental visits; however, a lot of people have a fear of dentists. The question is, then, how do you marry those things together? Getting over your fear of the dentist won’t necessarily be easy. Read on to learn more.

Medical/ Psychological Intervention

For more intense fears and phobias, there are more intense treatment options. Most people tend to simply avoid the source of their fear, but this is not practical. The first option for those with more severe issues or those in need of a more invasive procedure is sedation. There are a few dentists’ offices that offer this, but they are often more expensive.

The next potential treatment option is exposure therapy. This is more about addressing the root of your fears and desensitizing yourself to the triggers in order to effectively cure your fear. This is a long process; over time, you gradually begin to expose yourself to your fear. You could start by going to the dentist’s surgery without going inside, working your way up slowly until you can have an exam.

Finally, if your fear is tied more to anxiety, it may be worth going to the doctor and asking if they can prescribe you medication to make you feel calmer and alleviate your symptoms of anxiety. The medication is not necessarily going to cure your fear, but it will make your symptoms more manageable while you come up with another approach.

The Dentist

Your choice of dentist is incredibly important when it comes to quashing your fears. You need to find a dental surgery that is prepared to help you to deal with your fears and come up with a plan of action that everyone is comfortable with. Obviously, you need to find a local practice – like Corn Market Dental for those who live in Dorset. Checking out reviews can also provide you with insight. On the other hand, you will need to find a good dental veneers clinic in Dubai if you live in UAE and looking to enhance your smile.

Maintaining a Level of Calm

It is also important that you do everything you can to avoid getting flustered or overexcited at the idea of going to the dentist. Being able to quell the physical manifestations of your fear can help you to address it. It may help you to feel calmer if you make your appointments during a quieter time of day to ensure that the surgery is less busy. Meditation can also help.

You could also load up your phone with a relaxing podcast, music or book to listen to during your appointment and while you sit in the waiting room. Sometimes, having some support there can also be helpful in keeping you calm; you could bring a friend or relative with you for moral support. You could also ask your dentist if it is okay to go slowly and take breaks if you need to.

In Conclusion

Your oral health goes a long way in ensuring that your overall health is cared for. Developing a fear of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of, but you shouldn’t let this fear keep you away. It is important that you continue to work towards your dental health regardless.

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