Dopamine Dressing: Tips to Keep Your Summer Clothes Bright

Dopamine Dressing: Tips to Keep Your Summer Clothes Bright

With the Great British weather putting a dampener on our summer plans, one way to boost our mood is dressing in clothes and colours we love. To help keep our wardrobe looking bright, when the weather isn’t, below are some top laundry tips for that all important dopamine dressing.

1.      Check Washing Symbols

There are different ways of washing different fabrics to ensure they stay as fresh and bright as possible. Some may need to be hand washed, whilst others require a cooler temperature. Following the guidelines on the label will help to keep your clothes in tip top shape for much longer.

2.      Use Colour Catcher

If brightly coloured clothes become dull over time, the problem might be that the colour is leaching out of them, and into other garments. To stop this happening, pop a Dylon Colour Catcher in the machine with every load. The sheet traps the dyes from the water before they deposit onto other garments! These handy sheets also mean you can wash whites with colours, to save you hours of time.    

3.     Turn New Clothes Inside Out

The dye in new garments is much more likely to transfer to other clothing during the first couple of washes. Turning clothes inside out helps reduce the chance of colours fading and transferring, keeping your clothes bright for sunny days!

4.     Do a Cold Wash

Hot water is much more aggressive on your clothes which is useful on heavily stained/ soiled clothes but not always necessary. For a regular wash, cold water does the job perfectly fine, is cheaper AND keeps your clothes bright. What’s not to love?

5.     Take your Clothes Out the Machine Straight Away

If your clothes sit in the machine too long the dyes are far more likely to run into each other and create dull fabrics. To avoid this take them out as soon as possible and hang them up quickly.

6.     Air Dry Your Laundry

Tumble drying your clothes can cause colours to fade so make the most of the nice weather if you can and dry your clothes in the fresh air. Be aware that direct sunlight can also cause fading though, so place your washing line in the shade if possible.

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