Dress To Impress: Why Vertical Blinds Are Still A Top Trend In 2022

Dress To Impress: Why Vertical Blinds Are Still A Top Trend In 2022

Window treatment and interior design trends typically run alongside each, complimenting the current styles popular within each as it is essential that your window dressings fit the theme of the rest of your room. As a result, whenever you are changing the colour scheme or style of a room, it’s vital that you check what kinds of blinds and shades are in fashion before you dress your windows.

As the name suggests, vertical blinds have their slats arranged in a vertical fashion and are typically made from fabric connected to a sliding rail. They have a relaxed and graceful aesthetic with a simple mechanism making them more accessible, and some modern versions even come with motorised mechanisms, which make operating them a lot easier.

Light Control

When it comes to light control, modern vertical blinds offer the best when compared to other types of blinds as the overlapping slats let in less light when closed. As the slats are adjustable, you have complete control over the amount of light flowing into your home. Vertical blinds look their best in living rooms or dining rooms as the large space compliments the design, while you can control the atmosphere by either letting in lots of light or adjusting them to give the room a soft glow. 

Larger Windows

Many homeowners spent 2021 changing their windows for larger sizes to give their interiors more light, and vertical blinds are ideal for large windows. The loose spacing and wide slats give off a relaxed look which, in turn, makes your windows look even more prominent, and when used properly, these blinds can make your entire room feel more spacious. However, vertical blinds don’t stop at large windows, as many people choose to pair them with sliding glass doors for more control over the light coming in from their gardens.


Due to their design and functionality, vertical blinds are incredibly versatile and can be used on their own or paired with other window coverings, with many people matching custom vertical blinds with window treatments, like curtains and drapes. As these blinds can be used more than windows, some homeowners have added a layer of style and privacy on large glass back doors, oft opting for bold colours to divide the space from their living rooms or kitchens with their back gardens while adding a feature to wow guests. When you’re looking the install these fantastic accessories to dress your windows to impress, check out Lifestyleblinds extensive range for the best vertical blinds.


In contrast with other types of blinds, vertical blinds are more affordable which is thanks to their simple yet stylish design. Vertical blinds are the ideal way to make your windows look sublime while also completing your interior look with splashes of bold colours or neutral tones without spending a fortune. Furthermore, once the installation is complete, vertical blinds are also easy to maintain and keep clean; they are also resilient, and you don’t need to worry about damaging them when you do clean them. The affordability of vertical blinds even extends to customised models, which will allow homeowners to explore their creativity without breaking the bank.

Additionally, if you even do need to replace the slats, vertical blind replacement slats are more cost-effective than if you were relacing the slats of other types of blinds; this means that you can get your blind looks great again, even if your children, pets, or grandchildren accidentally damage them.

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