‘Easy Martinis’ with jam and marmalade – the new taste of Christmas

‘Easy Martinis’ with jam and marmalade – the new taste of Christmas

A gin company reckons it’s ‘Easy Martinis’ – made with jam, marmalade or an Espresso Martini mixer – could replace the Snowball, mulled wine and Buck’s Fizz this Christmas.

York Gin bosses say their Easy Martinis take just seconds to make – and don’t need any fancy cocktail equipment.

The Easy Martini gift sets include a large bottle of gin, a jar of jam, marmalade or Espresso Martini mixer and a simple instruction card – all in a York Gin jute bag. 

York Gin’s Head of Sales Adam Cook said: ‘It’s so easy and quick to make these delicious Martinis at home. 

‘You can shake them in a jam jar or any airtight container and use a fork to strain them into any small glass you want. You don’t need fancy equipment – and there’s no complicated recipe to follow.

‘It really is all about the ingredients – and with York Gin, you always get the best. They feel very posh and there’s no faff. We reckon they could be the new taste of Christmas.’

As well as the Breakfast Martini (mixing London Dry and marmalade) and the Rhubarb Martini (mixing rhubarb gin and rhubarb and raspberry jam), York Gin say their Espresso Martini is just as easy to make. 

They add ice to York Gin Chocolate & Orange and Fever-Tree’s special Esprssso Martini mixer – and shake for 15 seconds.

And they serve it with a piece of Terry’s Chocolate Orange – which was invented in York too. 

The Easy Breakfast Martini is made with York Gin London Dry and a teaspoon of Bessie’s Yorkshire Preserves grapefruit and gin marmalade. 

The Easy Rhubarb Martini is made with York Gin Rhubarb and a teaspoon of Bessie’s rhubarb gin and raspberry jam.

Adam added: ‘The Easy Martini gift sets make a great present for gin lovers. They look great and the Martins taste amazing. We’re expecting these to fly off the shelves in the run-up to Christmas.’

The gift sets are available in the York Gin shops, on York Gin’s stall at York’s St Nicholas Christmas Market and yorkgin.com.

Photos © Matthew Kitchen Photography

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