Fitness Motivation Tips to Keep You On Track. 

Fitness Motivation Tips to Keep You On Track. 

Creating new habits and changing your lifestyle can be a challenge, especially in the winter months. Here are some of our top fitness motivation tips to help you maintain the motivation to carry your new year goals into spring! 

Remember why you have set your goals.

It is important for fitness motivation to remember why you have goals. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to run faster? Why do you want to be stronger? Whatever you are aiming to do, it is so important to keep the reason for making changes in mind. In order to stay motivated, it is key to understand what is driving you to achieve the set goals you’ve set. Whether it is to feel better about yourself or to keep up with your children, write down your goal. When you are struggling with staying on track, looking back at your goals should give you some extra motivation. 

Get some help. 

Getting some help can be great for your fitness motivation. Trying to make big changes by yourself is hard! Doing it with a friend or family member makes it a little easier! Having someone to talk to when you are having a difficult day can make a huge difference. Many of us see going to the gym alone as daunting, but with a friend, it can be far more enjoyable. You’ll be less likely to cancel your gym session if you know someone is relying on you being there.

Be organised.

Being organised is key for maintaining motivation. If you are planning to exercise before work, get your kit ready the night before. If you want to prevent yourself from going straight home from work, have a set of gym clothes in your work bag so you can go on the way home. Have some home workouts planned in case you cannot get to the gym – there is lots of content available on the internet with an abundance of workout videos from videos from fitness professionals from all over the world.

Make sure you are eating right. 

Fuelling your body correctly is important to help achieve your fitness goals and is great for motivation. Eating fresh, healthy food will help to aid the exercise that you are doing. Eating too little can drain our energy, whilst eating too much can hinder our results. If you are looking for ways to add protein to your diet, you might be wondering can whey protein be substituted in baking? Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an expert. Social media is full of suggestions but these can lead to a lot of confusion. Understanding the basics of what a healthy balanced diet is can make a huge difference when it comes to fitness and improve weight loss. Find a good Personal Trainer that can advise you on diet as well as exercise.

Be kind to yourself! 

Finally, keep things simple – don’t try to change too much at once. Set goals that challenge you, but also excite you to keep you motivated. If you slip up and have a bad day, get straight back on track the next day. Everybody has challenging days, we are all human. Don’t beat yourself up if your progress is slower than you expected because sustainable results take time. 

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