Four Iconic Spring Destinations for a European City Break

Four Iconic Spring Destinations for a European City Break

With Spring well on its way, the advent of warmer weather promises a significant increase in holidaymaking. After a stressful festive period and a dreary winter, sometimes the best way to shake the blues is to inject yourself into a foreign city, with a European city break holiday to refresh the mind. There are countless European destinations with so much to offer the short-term visitor, and the mainland’s culture is unparalleled across the board. Some cities, though, are more suited to the Spring than others. The following are just four of those cities:


Spain is a stunning country, with sparkling coasts, rolling mountains and countless city destinations oozing with culture – but there’s something about Barcelona that makes it an ideal destination, and a common stop on adventure holidays in Europe. Spring is undoubtedly the best time to visit Barcelona, as the oppressive, humid heat of Summer is some months away – making for a comfortable climate for day-to-day activities. From the unrivalled coast that touches the Balearic sea to the world-renowned cultural monuments, Barcelona will keep you on your toes. There’s never a dull moment; try visiting the very top of La Sagrada Familia, or taking a moment in the famous Parc Güell. Barcelona’s Old City boasts unrivalled architecture as well as a vibrant nightlife, with tapas bars and secretive cocktail bars alike.


There is rarely a bad time to visit Paris for a city break. Even in the Winter, there’s an irresistible charm to the city, with its winding rues and arresting continental architecture. Spring, however, sees the city leap to life once more. With the nights growing shorter, they also grow later, creating an excellent opportunity to make the most of Paris’ many bars and bistros. Tourist attractions become less of a battle too, as the warmer weather makes trips up the Eiffel Tower a breeze – as opposed to a gale. Enjoy Paris from such heights, or from the Seine via boat tour, by all means, but Paris is ultimately best seen on foot.


Amsterdam has a bit of a reputation as a wintry city. Sitting at a similar latitude to Birmingham, it exhibits much of the same weather – but with the advent of Spring, just a bit more colour can be found in North Holland. The Netherlands is the country of the spring flower, as the principal exporters of daffodils and tulips. This central export is well-evidenced in Amsterdam, with its world-renowned Flower Strip including the Aalsmeer flower auction and the Keukenhof Gardens, which contain a particularly beautiful display of the region’s native flowers. Where better to be at the advent of Spring?


The Czech Republic is an under-rated destination for a European city break, and its capital Prague is the perfect example. It is another city with so much hidden in its side-streets and alleys, all vivified by the Spring sun. Prague’s parks are full to the brim with beautiful spring-flowering fauna, including myriad cherry blossoms. The blossoms and the city sights can also be enjoyed by boat from the River Vltava, which also boasts an impressive nightlife in the form of the Naplavka boat bars. Prague is a cultural bedrock in Eastern Europe, and a Springtime gem not to be missed.

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