Home Improvements That Raise Your Property Value

Home Improvements That Raise Your Property Value

Every home is an everlasting project. However, some improvements aren’t just a vanity project and can be useful for improving property values. These can be in the realm of aesthetic improvements, practical installations, space usage, or energy performance. Let’s look at some different options you could consider to boost your property’s value.

Home Heating Systems

Out of all the heating options, there are a few that raise your property value. Better heating systems make the home cosier and more energy-efficient. With the inclusion of high-performance systems, homes can improve their EPC rating and make their interiors more livable.

This can be done by installing a new boiler, which is the cheapest option. New gas boilers can raise your EPC rating to an A and provide up to 94% efficiency. Electric boilers can be 99% efficient but running on electricity is still more expensive than running on gas (although, the exact variance depends on where you live).

If your main concern is boosting value, getting decent savings, and raising your property values, there is a renewable alternative that can manage all 3 (albeit with often hefty initial costs). Heat pumps are the most efficient heating system and can be a great addition to a home. Studies have shown that heat pumps raise property values by 3%.

Depending on the type of heat pump they can be 2 to 5 times as efficient as an A-rated gas boiler.  However, heat pumps are famously very expensive. If the prospect of installing one seems a bit too pricey, you can mitigate the cost with one of the numerous heat pump grants in 2024.

Insulation & Windows

Getting better insulation can be a good step towards making your home more comfortable to live in and for creating boosting its value. Insulation also improves the look of a home as new installations keep it fresh and can be more discreet than older ones.

Similarly, windows play a massive role in both insulating and adding curb appeal to your home. Windows can do this by improving the heat performance of your home or by adding better design aesthetics. You can improve the glazing of your windows by adding double, secondary, or even triple glazing, depending on how cold your region is.

Glazing, as well as better window materials, can have other benefits as well. Adding glazed wooden or aluminium windows provides excellent noise reduction and can add aesthetic appeal to your home. Aluminium windows can be great for a modern look, especially if you prefer thin frames that maximise the glass panes for additional sunlight. Wooden windows can last over 50 years and provide a solid, classic look while also being the best for the environment (particularly, if they are sourced from fast-growing woods).

However, if insulation and glazing seem like something that could cost you too much, you can look for government grants and incentives that include both. Since they help improve the heat performance of your home, they are eligible for government assistance along with a host of other fixes.

Windows and insulation can raise property values by 2% to 3% and also have the shortest payback period out of all other home installations. They are both often cheaper than other methods of raising your curb appeal. New, thermally efficient windows can start at £250 for uPVC windows, which are also great because they require almost no maintenance.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are heavily subsidised by various local programs, so it can be a great time to get into them. They can allow you to make your home sustainable and energy-independent. Especially seeing as how energy prices are causing a crisis all over the world, they can be a practical solution if your home is cut out for them.

Solar panels can increase the value of a home by 4%, according to a study by Zillow. Solar can also provide you with the ability to give back to the grid and earn money. The exact amount depends on your energy provider and how much surplus energy you generate. Still, having some savings on energy is a great investment for the future.

Interior Flooring

Flooring is often overlooked as a property value-raising aspect of any home. New floors can be great at giving a home a fresh look and technologies like underfloor heating can immensely improve comfort.

The most desirable type of flooring is usually hardwood floors. Luxury vinyl flooring is also a very popular choice with great return on investment. Engineered hardwood flooring can be the best for installing underfloor heating as it is treated against water damage and other environmental factors.

Carpeting can be a good choice as well, although it eliminates the choice of underfloor heating. Carpets can also reduce noise, provide a range of looks and feels to choose from, and make the floor more comfortable so it has its benefits.

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