How Can Freelance Graphic Designers Make Money Online?

How Can Freelance Graphic Designers Make Money Online?

Graphic designers have plenty of opportunities to make money online if they so desire. Some are not happy with their current work and are looking to change the arrangements. Others have free time that they would like to use on something more productive than just browsing the same websites over and over.

If these situations sound familiar, you have stumbled upon the right article. Read the methods below and find out how you can make money online as a graphic designer.

Method #1 – Custom Merchandise Store

People can create custom t-shirts ventures thanks to Printify. The platform offers you pretty much anything you need, including a variety of quality products, a worldwide printing network, and simple store integrations to platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Since you are a graphic designer, you will have an advantage thanks to your abilities to create interesting designs. Even if the t-shirt is relatively cheap and is high-quality, it will not sell without an attractive design. 

Marketing the store may be more of a problem, but you can look to collaborate with another person. Running a two-person venture may prove a wise decision. While you take care of creating designs, your partner can focus on attracting customers and driving sales.

Method #2 – Photo Editing

Photo editing is monotonous work, and professional photographers are not that keen to take care of it themselves. Cropping, zooming in and out, shading, lighting, and other effects are necessary for certain situations, such as product pictures. After all, it is already difficult to compete in some markets, and lackluster product pictures do not help.

Experience in graphic design means that you should be familiar with software like Photoshop and capable of improving the quality of pictures that a professional took. 

Method #3 – Social Media Content Creation

Social media content requires quality. These days, brands are emphasizing presence on Instagram and Facebook. Even lesser-known social media sites like Buzznet or Bebo have valuable demographics.

The goal is to attract the attention of potential customers and have them engage with posts. Be it polls, giveaways, or infographics, the more reach a brand achieves, the better off they will be business-wise.

Get in touch with established brands or influencers on social media sites and let them know how you can improve their standings. Though be sure to have a portfolio ready because interested parties will ask for some proof of your expertise. 

Method #4 – Book Cover Designs

The boom of e-books should not come as a surprise. While they have not replaced physical books, e-books continue to become more popular. Amazon’s self-publishing program has paved the way for writers who could not get past traditional publishing agencies. 

As the demand for e-books grows, so do the opportunities to make money as a graphic designer. Despite the old cliche of not judging a book by its cover, people still do. And the cover is the first thing potential readers look at when they are browsing e-book collections on Amazon.

Your job would be to design attractive book covers and help writers sell more e-books. Get in touch with some writers and ask whether they would be interested in having a professional cover for their e-books.

Method #5 – Streaming on Twitch TV

Twitch TV is a popular streaming platform that continues to grow every year. Content creators are joining the site, which started as a hub for video games but has changed a lot in recent years.

Now, you can find various types of content on Twitch TV. Cooking, music, and even talk shows have an audience. Graphic designers can also start a channel on Twitch and show off their skills while interacting with an audience.

As for monetization methods, you can get sponsorship deals, run ads, post highlights on YouTube, and receive donations from viewers. 

Method #6 – Online Education

Graphic design is a popular career, and there is no need to attend a university to find a job in this field. It is all about experience and proving your worth to potential employers. 

However, before someone becomes a real graphic designer, they will need to learn the craft somewhere. Online education is a good solution to the problem.

Courses are available in different formats. Some prefer to watch tutorials on YouTube; others read books or blog posts. And then there Skillshare and Udemy – platforms developed with education in mind. 

As someone with experience, you can put these skills to good use and teach others. If your content is valuable, aspiring graphic designers should pay for it.

Method #7 – Work as a Freelancer

There are various freelance jobs available on social media groups, Fiverr, and UpWork. Logo designs, banners, GIFs, website elements, or illustrations are just a few examples of freelancing gigs.

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