How The Power Of Good Lighting Can Transform Your Home At The Flick Of The Switch

How The Power Of Good Lighting Can Transform Your Home At The Flick Of The Switch

Grand windows that flood a room with light sounds like a dream. Filling a space with natural light and utilising light from windows can create an inviting living space. Homebuyers look for good natural light in houses when viewing properties, and homeowners try to find ways to enhance the natural light in their homes.

Good lighting in the home can have transformative powers, and it doesn’t have to be the light from the windows. Lighting fixtures and furnishings combined can help transform any home space. Flicking the switch to turn these lights on, keep reading to find out how good lighting can change any room in your home.

Enhance The Ambience Of The Space

Each room of your home is likely decorated with a purpose in mind. For instance, when designing your bedroom, your vision could have been to create a warm and calming space, a place to escape to and get a good night’s sleep. As such, when planning how to design the space, you chose to use warm, neutral colours that help create the illusion of a calming space. You might have opted for wooden furnishings and neutral-coloured prints to enhance further the calming ambience you wanted for the room.

Your choice of lighting can further enhance the ambience of the space. Spotlights with bright white light bulbs can be a harsh choice for a bedroom. Often these lights are used in bathrooms and kitchens, spaces that should feel bright and spacious. In the bedroom, choose warm lights with hints of yellow. Choose light switches with dimmers to help you control the bulbs’ brightness. These warm tones from the lights enhance the space’s ambience, helping you cultivate your desired calming atmosphere.

Matches The Aesthetic Of The Space

Along with enhancing the ambience, good lighting can also match the aesthetic you have envisioned for areas of your home. It could be that you have decided to go down the minimalistic route, choosing to go for light tones throughout the house – light-coloured walls and furnishings with minimalist decorations.

Some minimalist furnishings include Perspex tables, light fixtures and even Perspex light switches. Using Perspex materials for furnishings helps match your home’s minimalistic style. You could opt for Corston’s clear switches and also invest in the matching sockets. Choosing clear light switches for your home can help you match your home furnishings to the overall aesthetic of the clean and minimalist space you have envisioned.

Give The Illusion Of A Bigger Room

Light walls and mirrors combined with good lighting are a powerful combination. Natural light and good lighting can reflect on light-coloured walls and mirrors, helping to create the illusion of a bigger space. This combination is ideal for homes with small rooms that want to brighten the space and make it appear larger than it is.

Of course, utilising natural light will help achieve this goal, but choosing the right lighting will also greatly help. Choosing bright white light bulbs can help brighten up the space. Opting for spotlights instead of hanging lights can help a space to feel more open. Pairing the spotlights with bright white light bulbs is a great combination for helping achieve the illusion of a bigger room. Additionally, this pairing can be an excellent choice for narrow hallways that get very little natural light.

Produce A Productive Working Space

Now more than ever, many employees are working from home, with many preferring this working lifestyle. Of course, those working from home want a space to be productive. Often this space is a spare room or a corner of their home that they can shut themselves off from the rest of the house. This way, they can separate their home life from their work life. Whilst having a desk and a comfortable place to sit is essential in helping to create a productive place to work, good lighting is equally important.

Working in a dark space can have an impact on productivity levels. By flicking the switch and utilising the good lighting in your at-home office space, you could see your productivity levels increase. This brighter space could help put you in a better mood, one that feels motivated to complete your work tasks.

Be A Statement Feature In A Room

Of course, good lighting can transform a space in terms of making it feel brighter and improve your mood. However, it can also transform a space into a statement feature. A brightly coloured lamp in the corner of a room, a low-hanging ceiling light in the dining room or a lampshade with a bold print can make wonderful statement pieces to a room.

As soon as that light switch is turned on, eyes might be drawn to the source, taking in the beautiful statement lighting features in the room. They can make excellent decorative features in a space even if they are not on!

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