How to carve a pumpkin

How to carve a pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin isn’t rocket science, but it’s still wise to have a game plan. Before you lop off the top, take a look through our basic guide to carving the best Halloween pumpkin.

Get your workspace ready

First rule of pumpkin carving: do it somewhere you don’t mind getting messy, ideally outdoors.

Use the right tools for the job

You may be tempted to just use regular kitchen knives, but do yourself a favour and invest in a pumpkin carving kit, you can get these from supermarkets. Much safer too!

Draw Before You Carve

You’ll need a pen for drawing your design onto the pumpkin, and couple big bowls — one for the seeds and one for the rest of the pumpkin goo and throwaway bits leftover from carving.

Cut out the pumpkin lid

With a slim pumpkin carving knife (the carving tool with a toothed blade like a mini-saw), cut along the outline of your pumpkin lid. Make sure you slice through the pumpkin at a 45 degree inward angle, so you’ll be able to replace the lid without it falling in.

Remove the seeds

Grab the big bunches of seeds with your hands and place them in one of the bowls, to be cleaned later. Using the scraper that came with your kit (or a metal spoon if you don’t have this tool), clean out the inside of the pumpkin until no stringy bits remain. Discard the pumpkin guts in the second bowl.

Tip: Don’t Throw Away the Seeds!

Whatever you do, save those pumpkin seeds! They’re so good roasted simply with oil and salt.Or why not warm up with some homemade pumpkin soup made from the leftovers?

Cut out the design

Make straight cuts into your pumpkin along the lines of your design, removing the pieces and discarding them in the refuse bowl.

Light your pumpkin

Insert a tea light candle in the bottom of your pumpkin and place the lid on top. Use a long match or lighter.

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