How to decorate your home for Easter

How to decorate your home for Easter

Easter is one of the most underrated holidays of the year. Christmas and Halloween are all about over-the-top décor and festivities. Some might say, the bigger, the better. Easter décor is a little more understated with pastel colours, sweet towers, and charming ribbon trees. You might celebrate the religious side of Easter or the chocolate-loving side. Either way – Easter is a celebration of spring and the incoming warmer months.

Here are a few ways you could decorate your home for spring this year.

Table decorations

Go beyond the typical egg display, and experiment with all kinds of colours and textures. You could try your hand at origami and make a whole display of paper daffodils, tulips, plants and greenery. Or, you could go for a few bouquets of dried flowers with fresh greenery dispersed between them.

It’s traditional to have a roast dinner on Easter Sunday. Set your dinner table with these centrepiece decorations and make your Easter meal feel like a big occasion.

Home decorations

Easter doesn’t stop at table decorations. You can decorate your entire home with banners, ceramic eggs, bunnies, and ribbons for the holiday. Make your home look like an explosion of pastel colours and all things Easter. Try to find decorations that will last for years to come instead of single-use items. Your décor should align with the style of your home. For example, a new build house would suit minimalist decorations. In comparison, traditional easter decorations with ornate details would complement a period home. It depends on your personal preference and celebration plans.


Forget Christmas wreaths; it’s all about Easter wreaths these days. You can buy a wreath made from fresh flowers or a few ceramic eggs. Some people even make their own wreaths from handmade pom poms and bells. Get creative and make some DIY decorations this year to add a personal touch to the holiday. Your décor shouldn’t blow through your entire budget.

Easter egg hunt

Easter would not be complete without an Easter egg hunt. Make a banner for the easter egg hunt and hide a few plastic eggs with sweets inside them. Remember, chocolate tends to melt in the sun and makes a mess. Use refillable eggs that can be used year after year. Sustainable decorations are the best kind.

Finish the easter egg hunt with a personalised chocolate egg for each person. Think about the average age of those doing the easter egg hunt and hide the eggs accordingly. For example, you will need to hide the eggs in easy-to-reach locations for younger children. Keep them in a cool location until the end of the hunt.

Decorate your entire home this Easter and make it a holiday to remember.

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