How to entertain the kids during lockdown…

How to entertain the kids during lockdown…

Here are a few ideas to keep the kids entertained whilst on lockdown…


(HASBRO/ Ages 8 years & up/ Players: 2-4 / Available: Amazon)

Not a lot of time? No problem! The MONOPOLY SPEED board game can be played in under 10 minutes! Everyone rolls and buys at once so players don’t have to wait for their turn. During 4 rounds, players race against the timer to buy, trade, and sell properties faster than ever. The timer counts down each buying and trading stage, and there’s no break between stages. There are even 2 Go spaces, and players can get out of Jail free every time. The MONOPOLY SPEED board game is great choice for family game night, parties with friends, and a quick break from the every day. Product includes game board, 4 tokens, 4 dice, 28 Title Deed cards, 16 Chance cards, 12 Community Chest cards, money pack (150 (M) 1000 bills), and game guide. Available at most major retailers.

Guess Who? Board Game…

(Ages 6+. 2 Players, Available on Amazon)

It’s the Guess Who? game – the original guessing game! This Guess Who? game goes back to the tabletop style boards, styled after the original, rather than handheld boards. Each player chooses a mystery character and then using yes or no questions, they try to figure out the other player’s mystery character. When they think they know who their opponent’s mystery character is, players make a guess. If the guess is wrong, that player loses the game! Players can also challenge opponents to a series of games in the Championship Series, where the first player to win 5 games is the Guess Who? champion.

Wicked Indoor Booma…

Perfect tricks throws and catches with our indoor returning boomerang!

With a flight range of 4-6 metres, Wicked Indoor Booma allows you to throw and catch like a pro in the confines of an office, bedroom, park or gym. Made from special Memorang foam, feel free to fling them about the heads of your classmates or work colleagues secure in the knowledge that they’re completely safe!

  • Guaranteed Return Flight

  • Soft and safe, easy to throw and catch

  • Full throwing instructions included

  • Made from ‘Memorang’ foam

  • Can be ‘tuned’ for different flights

  • Fun for all ages

  • Flight range 4-6 metres

  • Available in blue, red and yellow

  • Proudly manufactured in the U.K.


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Wicked UKick…

Not allowed to play football inside? Practice your keepy ups safely in the house with our UKick!

UKick is a NEW fun, social, healthy and totally addictive sporting craze sweeping across the globe!

Fusing elements of badminton, street football and freestyle the aim of the game is to keep the UKick in the air with your feet and other parts of your body and prevent it from touching the ground!

UKick’s beauty is it can be played alone or with friends, for fun or in competition, indoors or outside!


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Wicked Mega Jump…

Keep fit with our ball bearing jump rope, with fully adjustable rope so any age can use. Full tutorials have recently been uploaded online so you can learn how to skip as a beginner, an advanced jump-roper or a pro!





DISCOUNT: 20% off all items @

This code can be used by the same customer as many times as they want. Let’s keep kids (and adults) active!

Vital Baby bathtime bundle…

Bathtime is funtime!

This fantastic, fun bundle includes all our classics – vital baby® SPLASH™ ducks and frogs and for supersized fun there is also the NEW vital baby® SPLASH™ megaduck. The vital baby® SPLASH™ swim rings are great for learning as well as entertaining your baby whilst bathing. Encouraging hand to eye coordination, the 6 cute, sea creatures will help introduce counting skills and develop their knowledge of colours. Let their imagination run wild!

Wordsearch Board Game…

In this Wordsearch Game (SSP £19.99) players compete to spot words in one of the special pre-printed puzzles. Wordsearch Game is simple, the more you spot, the more you score.

Plus Wordsearch Junior – the exciting word and picture game for eagle-eyed early readers. It’s a race to find a picture and read the word beside it. Helps kids get ready to read

Clock-It Board Game…

Think you can beat the clock?  Find out with Clock-It (SSP £24.99)!  To play, place 12 cards around the clock-face board and start the timer which shows the card you have to draw, mime or describe to the other players.  Competitors must guess as many cards as possible before time runs out; say, draw or mime – it’s a race against time!  Clock-It features three different play modes and 80 cards for hours of fast-paced family fun!

My Fabulous Storyteller…

French children’s brand Lunii is introducing its interactive story creator, My Fabulous Storyteller, to the UK.

The My Fabulous Storyteller aims to harness the power of the storytelling tradition; a long-standing art that has allowed families to create connection, evoke emotion and stimulate imagination for centuries.

The beautifully designed child-sized device encourages the development of creativity in children aged 3 – 8 years by giving them the opportunity to build their own bespoke audio stories.

For curious young minds

Children can create their own personalised audio narrative by selecting from a range of characters, settings and objects with the easy-to-use wheel. The My Fabulous Storyteller then narrates a bespoke audio story which gives the child the opportunity to flex their creativity by inventing a whole new world including what their characters look like and where their adventure takes place.

Lunii is committed to helping children develop imagination, creativity and vocabulary through age appropriate learning. To move children through each developmental stage, Lunii has created a library of over 1,500 unique stories that can be loaded onto the device. Each vary in ability and come in a range of nine languages suitable for a variety of audiences; recently adding a bilingual album to its repertoire for dual language listeners. Alongside a range of original stories created by their own publishing house, such as The Wanderly Tales and The Rainbow Kingdom, the store also includes story albums from Roger Hargreaves’ beloved Mr Men Little Miss collection, allowing children to create stories with familiar characters and settings.

A fun alternative to screen time

Lunii is providing children with an opportunity to step away from screen-time in favour of an imagination-led alternative. Not only do the bespoke audio-stories allow children to develop their creative thinking skills, Lunii also encourages parents and children to engage in other creative activities together whilst listening to the device such as colouring, painting, drawing and dressing up.

Sweet dreams

Bedtime stories are a time when parents and caregivers connect with their children at the end of a busy day. Lunii encourages families to try their bespoke audio stories together at bedtime. The Lunii store has a bedtime stories collection and a meditation collection available for children to relax and explore mindfulness – all aiming to help little one’s drift off into a good night’s sleep.

For more information please visit

Hey Duggee HD21 Smart Tablet …

£17,99, 3years plus

With 5 activities the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet encourages learning about colours, numbers, shapes, letters, characters and badges. The touch sensitive screen makes exploration fun and easy to follow. Duggee lights up when questions are asked which relate to the characters and themes from the hit TV series.

Hey Duggee HD20 Flip & Learn Phone …

£10.99, 18mths

Call Duggee and the Squirrels Have fun learning about colours, numbers and fun facts from the Squirrels with this inter

active flip up phone. It has a backlit screen and asks the child to find numbers and colours, listen to greetings and pretend to take pictures.

Orchard Toys Times Tables Heroes…

2-in-1 game – a board game where players complete multiplication sums from 2 to 12 and battle it out to save the city with their superhero powers; a fast-paced bingo where players practice 2, 5, 10 times tables.
Age suitability 6-9 years
RRP: £10.50

URL: Stockist: all good toy shops, major stores, and online at

Orchard Toys First Times Tables…

A fun introduction to understanding 2, 5 and 10 times tables, and put new skills to the test with the flippin’ fun pancake themed game.
Age suitability 5-8 years
RRP Price £8.30

URL: all good toy shops, major stores, and online at


Blume Baby Pop…

The outrageously cute collectible from the globally acclaimed and best-selling Blume World. With Blume Baby Pop, the surprises don’t stop, as hidden under every sprout is either a baby or a cute accessory waiting to be discovered! Simply pull the sprout from its flowerpot, hear the “POP” and reveal what’s inside!

Suitable for ages Ages: 3+.
RRP £14.99

Rummikub Junior…

If you can count to 10, you can play Junior Rummikub! Played with 40 tiles (1 to 10 in 4 colours) plus a set of star tiles. The object of the game is to collect as many stars as possible. Earn a star when you make a run or add to a run that is already laid. Suitable for ages 3-6 years.

Dobble Kids…

The UK’s No1 Best Selling Game, Dobble, is a speedy observation game where players race to match the identical symbol between cards. In Dobble Kids, players compete to find the matching animal symbol between cards. Every card is unique and has one symbol in common with any other in the deck. Like its big brother, Dobble, Dobble Kids offers five mini-games. There are also less symbols to simplify and shorten the game. It’s great for parties and fun for the whole family Suitable for 2-5 players aged 4+ years.


Brainbox games…

BrainBox games are a test of observational and memory skills and improve knowledge at the same time. The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. (Available in categories: The World, Football, Nature, Science, Maths, French, Animals, Dinosaurs, Peppa Pig, Roald Dahl and more.)

Rubik’s Cage…

Drop It….Twist It….Flip It….Win It!It may sound easy to get 3 in a row, but Rubik’s Cage is a brain-bending, mind-twisting strategy game, that’s not as simple as it may seem. Takes turns to place a Cubie into the Cage and twist one of the Cage’s layers to re-shuffle the game. Turn the whole game on its head by flipping the whole Cage over to scramble the Cubies and your opponents chances!


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