How to Look Stylish for Work

How to Look Stylish for Work

Feeling and looking your best when you go to work is an important factor in feeling great about yourself and creating a professional look. Putting together a classy look doesn’t always come easy, especially during those rushed mornings when it seems like there is barely any time to simply enjoy your breakfast, never mind finding the time to put a chic outfit together. There are a number of quick and easy ways, however, to look seriously stylish at your workplace, even if there is a strict dress code to follow.

Make Your Outfit Pop

If you’re tired of wearing the same white blouse and pencil skirt every day, try mixing up your style a little bit. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try that stylish blazer suit that caught your eye or switch your outfits up with some colour. Patterned shirts like animal prints are bang on-trend and will bring your personality to the workplace. As patterns and prints can be worn with neutral colours, styling the rest of your outfit with a printed shirt will be incredibly straightforward.

Put Effort into Your Choice of Shoes

An eye-catching pair of heels is a classic way to look smart. No matter how plain your outfit, the right pair of heels will do all the work with their overall polished look. This doesn’t mean you have to strut around your office in a pair of stilettos. Low heels are currently trending, with vibrant coloured block heels and pointed toe ankle boots being extremely popular choices because of their comfortable style that manages to look so effortlessly bold.

Style Your Hair

Is a messy ponytail your go-to hairdo every morning as you rush out of the door? Or perhaps you do have enough time before work but you’re sick of the same routine of straightening your locks into the same style every day. If you are rushed for time, you can fix your hair problems overnight with a few easy tricks. Your hairstyle plays a huge part in forming an overall stylish look, so taking some time to give your hair some extra attention really will make a difference, turning your messy bun into a sleek ponytail or a professional, smooth finished low bun. Watching some YouTube tutorials or investing in hair care products that will help tame your hair will save you heaps of time.


Minimal is best when it comes to accessorising your work outfit. Unless you work in a high-end fashion department store, keeping the accessories simple is enough to give your outfit a stylish boost. Try adding a designer waist belt to your little black dress or a dainty necklace or watch to any outfit. Don’t forget that structured, luxury handbags like a Saint Laurent bag make an impressive statement too, and are particularly good for work environments that are upmarket. With numerous styles to choose from on SSENSE, an online retailer that offers a wide variety of luxury accessories, one of these bags will transform your outfit, making your whole look instantly become fashionable and stylish.

Always looking trendy, even at work, is much easier than it may seem when these effective and quick tips are followed, so why not give them a go-to transform your work outfits entirely.

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