How To Spot Signs Of Mould

How To Spot Signs Of Mould

Mould is a very common problem in the UK, affecting all types of property. It can cause structural damage to buildings, and have a detrimental effect on your health. It may result in symptoms ranging from allergic reactions and nausea, to dizziness and lung damage.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company providing mould removal services. Its technicians use the latest technology and solutions to treat mould in properties, operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

Have a read of the below article, where the experts explain how you can spot signs of mould in your home.

Your wallpaper is damaged

Mould decomposes organic material within the home, so if your wallpaper is damaged, this may be an indication that you have a mould problem.

The wallpaper could need to be fully stripped back to establish the extent of the mould. Only professionals should remediate mould due to the health risks it poses. ICE Cleaning’s technicians don’t leave the site unless you’re happy with the work undertaken.

Look out for areas on the wallpaper which feel damp as well, and get it treated as soon as possible if you suspect the problem may be mould.

Water issues

If you have suffered from a leak or a recent flood, you might notice mould growth. You must get the source of the water damage fixed and have the fungus treated, or the problem could get worse or keep coming back.

Outside your home, check regularly for holes in your building’s foundation. In addition, have a professional inspect your roof shingles to check none are missing or harmed.

Another important measure you can take to prevent mould in your home is to have your gutters serviced periodically. This will remove dirt and debris that have built-up in the gutter which can cause blockages, and allow water to disperse correctly.

You can physically see mould

Mould can come in a range of colours, including brown, black, green, and pink. Should you physically see mould, be it in the living room or your bedroom, get it treated promptly.

It is a sign that you need to ventilate your rooms more, and that you could have a larger underlying issue you don’t know about.

ICE Cleaning’s professionals can attend the site in an hour in cases of emergency. They follow strict health and safety practices to protect the health of all parties involved. The cleaning teams also wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the remediation process.

Discover more about ICE Cleaning’s services on their website.

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