How to throw a great party

How to throw a great party

Men’s magazines come with great style tips for how to dress, how to do your hair, and otherwise present a sense of complete self confidence and your social life, personal life, and work life. But how do you throw a great party?


A big part of throwing a party successfully is inviting as many people as you can. Too often when planning a party people try to separate their groups of friends, not inviting people from college to a party thrown for colleagues from work or otherwise avoiding the mixture of different social circles. But what happens more often than not is that having more people from different social circles actually gives you a better way to ensure social interactions. If everybody you invite comes from the same group, like work friends, the only thing that’s going to get discussed during the course of your party is work and eventually it’ll just turn into a big complaint session. But if you invite old friends, new friends, and everyone in between, you have the opportunity to watch as people network and engage with individuals they might never have come into contact with.

Decorations and Activities

Having a theme for your party is not just for children. It can be for adults too. That theme doesn’t have to be something crazy like a Harry Potter party but rather it can just be a garden party, a dinner party, or just an “evening of relaxation” party. Consider adding a few essential decorations to enhance your theme choice and create a memorable ambiance. In addition to fairy lights, floral centerpieces, and hanging lanterns you may add custom inflatables for decorating like inflatable flowers, butterflies, and bumblebees to make the atmosphere more festive for a garden party. Inflatables have several benefits, including their adaptability (they can be simply inflated and positioned anywhere) and their capacity to instantly fill the party with a playful and joyous atmosphere.

Do something surprising, with activities and decorations that flow with the theme. Again, this doesn’t have to just be a child’s party although adults love attending parties with that same spirit of transformation where you walk into an apartment and instead of it being astodgy, upper class wine and cheese dinner party, it’s a fun, relaxed Quentin Tarantino themed party where everybody gets to dress up and run around referencing movies.

You should do something fun like having a contest or a taste test. If you throw a white trash party, for example, you can buy multiple types  of low-end beer and have blind taste tests where people make notes and vote on which white trash beer is the best. You can even play games like two truths and a lie made even more difficult if you invite people from different groups. 

Instead of a traditional game of memory where you take the kids board game and try to remember different faces, cut out naughty pictures from adult magazines and play a grown-up version of memory. And to really spice things up, how about singing your heart out with some karaoke? Just be sure to choose a reputable entertainment venue that offers high public price with top-notch karaoke facilities and a vibrant atmosphere to ensure everyone has a blast. 

It is very important when throwing a good party that your guests always have something to do. This can include activities or replacing certain snacks when they run out, or making sure that everyone puts their coat in the coat closet. Giving different attendees a small task help center feel involved and give him something to do other than standing around and making awkward conversation when the party gets going.


You need to find party entertainment. Entertainment comes in many forms but the most important is getting the right music. You might consider hiring a DJ or a band to give you background music that is unique but sophisticated. It doesn’t matter what the theme of your party is, just know that the right party entertainment might include a company that not only provides music but sets up a small dance stage just like High School prom videos. You would be surprised how quickly adults break into dance when there is a live band and a small dance floor. You can, of course, go all out with the entertainment if you are organising the party for someone else. For example, strippers in Charleston can be booked to attend parties to really spice up the evening! 

You might even find entertainment that comes with decorations like an appropriate party backdrop and photographer complete with different accessories or costumes. Being able to walk away from a party with a picture document and how much fun you had is a much better gift than a bag full of small candies. If you can’t find an entertainment venue that includes this, don’t be afraid to drop 20 pounds or so to purchase a photography backdrop and just stick it to your wall. This will give people the opportunity to constantly come back as the evening continues and take silly pictures that document the transition of the party throughout the evening.

Setting the stage is very important and this extends to lighting. Some entertainment companies might provide fun lighting like disco lights that go with the music or stage lights that go with the dance floor. If you are doing a small photo area, make sure that the lighting is good enough for people who might be a few drinks in to still capture the moment. 

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