Ice Baths: What are the benefits of taking the plunge?

Ice Baths: What are the benefits of taking the plunge?

Ice baths, commonly used by athletes and fitness fanatics, are the new, super cool trend that celebrities are swearing by. 

Kickstarted by Wim Hof, dubbed ‘The Iceman’, cold water immersion therapy is said to have a whole host of physical and mental benefits, including alleviating muscle aches and pains, and calming anxiety.

But which celebs are trying out the ‘Wim Hof Method’, and what are the benefits ice baths can offer you? Europe’s leading ice manufacturer, The Ice Co, takes the plunge to find out more…  

Ice baths can relax sore muscles

A common use for ice baths is to relieve intense muscle pain. In short, the chilly temperature of the water reduces the damage of the affected tissue and lowers the risk of further swelling. 

Harry Styles is a devotee to the ice bath, ditching after-show parties to submerge himself in cold water as a form of recovery from performing. Harry Styles is no stranger to minus temperatures as he’s also a known fan of cold water swimming.

They can reduce stress

Kendall Jenner and AnnaLynne McCord have both flaunted their impressive endurance to take an ice bath on Instagram as an addition to their wellness journeys. The exposure to the cold paired with controlled breathing and meditation help to manage anxiety and reduce stress levels.

Ice baths boost your immune system

Research has shown that people who have cold baths (strangely) catch fewer colds. This is all to do with the cold exposure resulting in an increase in white blood cells and natural killer (NK) cells which fight off infections.

They can help you lose weight

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, ice baths can be a useful supplement to your weight loss journey. Cold exposure activates brown adipose tissue – also known as brown fat – which has the potential to work the body harder and therefore, lose more calories.

Cold water immersions also enhance the body’s response to insulin, which is the response responsible for regulating blood sugar levels – helpful for those with diabetes. 

See our editor Rachel trying out cold swimming here:

They get that blood pumping!

Fitness fanatic and Body Coach Joe Wicks,  is a huge fan of the cold water. 

When taking an ice bath, the blood moves towards your organs to keep you warm, increasing your heart rate and elevating your respiratory rate. 

Other celebs who have a penchant for an ice bath include Russell Brand, who set himself the challenge of doing the Wim Hof method every day for 30 days, David Beckham, who uses them as a form of self-care, and Emma Willis, who practiced breathing control in the freezing temperatures. 

There are some great benefits to using ice baths and while many people having been taking them for years, we think this will be a trend to stay! 

For more great tips on how you can utilise your ice cubes, head over to the website and check out The Ice Co’s TikTok.

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