Items to help c-section mums…

Items to help c-section mums…

After delivering a new bundle of joy, all mothers need time to recover and heal. Here are some of our top products to help you on your way after having a c-section baby.

Science of Skin Solution for Scars

This specialist scar cream contains a naturally active green tea extract – EGCG – that is scientifically proven to improve the appearance of scarring. Working at a cellular level, it can be applied to C-section scars where it helps to reduce both the redness and thickness by 40%. Suitable for use on babies, it can also be used to treat everything from chickenpox scars to accidental scars.

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HALO BassiNest® Swivel Sleeper Essentia | Morning Mist

Tend to baby from bed.

Ideal for mums after childbirth and especially C-sections, the patented lowering bedside wall makes it easier to tend to baby from bed. Breathable, mesh walls allow airflow for comfort and safety. 

‘’We are delighted to be working with a company that is committed to safer sleep for babies. The Lullaby Trust encourages all families to sleep their baby in a cot or Moses basket in the parent’s room for the first six months.
HALO®’s BassiNest® Essentia and SleepSack® complement our advice perfectly and we will be working together to help all families give their babies the perfect start in life.’’

Jenny Ward, CEO of The Lullaby Trust

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My Expert Midwife – colostrum harvesting kit*

This kit has been developed by our midwives so you can harvest colostrum from 37 weeks of pregnancy. Colostrum is the breast milk that your baby receives for the first few days after birth when you are breastfeeding. Colostrum harvesting and hand expressing are useful skills to learn during pregnancy. Our midwife written guide will support you in 7 simple steps. 

*If you have cervical stitch or have been diagnosed with a low lying placenta/placenta praevia please consult with your midwife or doctor before starting colostrum harvesting. 

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My Expert Midwife – fantastic skin elastic

A serum which soothes and hydrates tight, itchy, and stretching skin during pregnancy.  This rich massage serum offers relief to skin anywhere on your body and even helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

 Midwife developed, mum approved and award winning serum contains essential oils with proven benefits like grapefruit, geranium, calendula and lavender to soothe and soften your skin, while vitamin E encourages elasticity and beeswax locks in moisture, this rich serum can also help to ease constipation in pregnancy, when massaged into your bump.

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My Expert Midwife – soak for bits

Post-birth recovery essential for your first few baths after birth to clean, soothe and help maintain the condition of the perineum, as well as calm aching muscles and aid recovery. Can also be used following a caesarean section,

This 100% naturally derived, Midwife-developed soak is made with premium Epsom salts, which instantly disperse in warm bath water, blended with essential oils of tea tree and calendula, for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and of bergamot, which aids relaxation. It also contains added arnica to help bruising and swelling.

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CHEEKY WIPES – high waisted briefs

Cheeky Wipes have a fantastic range of high waisted briefs within their revolutionary period pants range which make them perfect for c-section mums.

With soft, lightly padded material, the briefs will sit above the incision for comfort. The body of the pant is nylon and elastane (75%/25%) and the lining and the middle layer are cotton/elastane (95%/5%).  With 5 layers of moisture wicking, breathable fabric, the pants offer maximum protection regardless of flow. Perfect for monthly comfort and also post-birth, the period pants feel natural against the skin and control odour enabling you to carry on with your day 

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The Shnuggle Bath stand is the perfect partner for the Shnuggle bath and allows c-section mums to bathe baby comfortably by having the bath at waist height. The stand folds for easy storage too!

Shnuggle Bath is £24.95 and the stand is £28.95

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Silk Pillowcase

The highest quality silk, designed to give you a restful, friction-free sleep and wake with soothed skin and smooth hair, especially when recovering from surgery. Awarded ‘Best Silk Pillowcase’ in the Independent’s Indy Best review. Available in a wide range of gorgeous colours.

The Mother & Baby Awards 2021 have recently awarded This Is Silk’s pure silk pillowcase the Silver Award for Best New Mum / Maternity Skincare Product.

Silk beauty expert Sonal Keay, Founder of This Is Silk says:  “The best thing a new or expectant mum can do is sleep on a silk pillowcase (although sleeping anywhere would be a treat). A silk pillowcase is a luxury gift for mums, and it has some seriously good beauty and wellbeing benefits too.”

Why is silk so good for mums?

·         The amino acids in silk actively soothe and nourish sensitive, hormonal skin.

·         Silk naturally regulates temperature which is crucial during those sweaty nights before and after the baby arrives.

·         Silk prevents hair breakage from friction and works against postpartum hair loss.

·         Silk keeps moisture and creams on the skin, keeping it hydrated, unlike cotton.

·         Cotton is abrasive on a cellular level and leads to fine lines and ageing.

·         Silk encourages and protects new hair growth.

·         Sleeping on a silk pillowcase feels luxurious help mums to nod off quickly and have better quality sleep when they are able to get it. 

As a new mum’s hormones go back to normal after having a baby, oestrogen levels drop and postpartum hair loss is very common. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or using a silk overnight hair wrap can slow down the hair loss and encourage new growth by preventing friction and snagging from cotton pillowcases.

Silk Pillowcase: £49.99. Awarded ‘Best Silk Pillowcase’ in the Independent’s Indy Best review.
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Women’s Infrared High Waisted Leggings

KYMIRA produce smart garments that are proven to accelerate recovery. I was quite sure the high waisted leggings would be very helpful recovering after a c-section and below is what my client said.  

KYMIRA will help all soft tissue rehabilitation. So in terms of a c-section – the infrared penetrates 4cm deep into the soft tissues, and the rays emitted by KYMIRA have been shown to stimulate cellular healing 140-210% faster. So it should help to:

  1. Speed up the soft tissue healing of the layers knitting together again
  2. Provide pain relief and more comfort
  3. Help reduce inflammation with increases in circulation and removing waste products
  4. Help reduce muscle wastage from lack of use

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Nourisil™ MD Silicone Scar Gel 

An ultra-light, transparent, self-drying silicone gel, which has been specially developed to heal scars. It can be used on healing skin (not open wounds) to help soften and flatten a scar, as well as relieve itching and discomfort.

When the skin is wounded, the tissues break, which causes a protein called collagen to be released. Collagen builds up where the tissue is damaged, helping to heal and strengthen the wound, resulting in a scar. New collagen continues forming for several months and the blood supply increases, causing the scar to become red, raised and lumpy.

Nourisil™ MD works by creating a silicone barrier that enables the skin to release moisture at normal levels, which reduces the amount of collagen produced in the scar area, helping to lessen the severity of a scar’s features.

Silicone-based products have been widely used for the management of hypertrophic (a thickened, wide, often raised scar that develops where the skin is injured) and keloids (an enlarged, raised scar that can be pink, red, skin-coloured or darker than the surrounding skin) since the early 1980s.

Dan Barton, Marketing Communication Manager at Nourisil™ MD, said:“The use of silicone is well established and considered to be the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to scar healing treatment, and Nourisil™ MD is no exception. 

“It was developed to treat and prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars which result from medical and cosmetic surgery, wounds, trauma or burns. Plus, it contains safe ingredients and is suitable for use on all skin types and children too, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for effective scar treatment.”

Nourisil™ MD contains a unique blend of 5 silicones and Vitamin E to help heal scars and is proven to flatten, soften and smooth scars, relieve the itching, pain and discomfort they cause and reduce any associated redness. Studies have shown that, when added to silicone, Vitamin E improves the effectiveness of scar treatment.

Dan added: “We’ve seen great success from people that have been using Nourisil™ MD, including all manner of scars, from dog bites to C-sections. It’s just great to know people are benefiting from our silicone scar gel – in a lot of ways we’re helping people feel more comfortable in their skin.”

Nourisil™ MD Silicone Scar Gel comes in a ready-to-use 30g airless dispenser and is available to buy online at

Lansinoh Birth Preparation and Recovery range

Lansinoh’s Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad offers combination therapy for targeted, repeated relief. Use cold to provide relief from perineal, haemorrhoidal or C-section discomfort.

Used warm, it can be applied to the abdomen for soothing relief from postnatal uterine cramping.

The reusable pad easily moulds to the body for maximum comfort even when frozen. ColorSmart™ gel pearls turn white when heated or purple when chilled and the pad conveniently holds temperature for the doctor recommended time of 20 minutes. It is non-toxic and safe to use while breastfeeding. 12 non-woven, disposable, hygienic sleeves are included in the box. Hygiene sleeves are also available separately in packs of 24.

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Nelsons® Arnicare®

Nelsons® Arnicare® is a range of products that contain Arnica montana. One of the best known homeopathic and herbal treatments, Arnica montana has been recognised for its many beneficial natural properties since the 16th century.

Nelsons® Arnicare® Arnica Cream is a traditional herbal medicinal product for the symptomatic relief of bruises, based on traditional use only. Apply Arnicare® Cream to unbroken skin at anytime, as soon as you feel bruising or bumps are developing.

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